Happy New Year!

I still have to make my resolutions — it’s okay. I give myself the whole month of January to think of them. Usually it only takes a week though. I don’t want to rush into them, you know. Careful consideration is order. :)

I went out on New Year’s Eve after grocery shopping and taking care of baby for a stint. Tim watched Morella while I went out (not to bad because she went to bed early anyway — which in turn, meant that she was also up a lot later… not so fun). The party was good, I got to spend some time hanging out with Hilary and a few other friends. Laima did a great job with the party and there was a ton of great food and booze to drink. It was very hard to stick to one glass of mulled wine and a little champagne. I was REALLY happy, when in the end she made sure I left with TWO platters of sushi. Yeah, can you believe it? Tim was in heaven when I bought that home and made sure to extend his new year’s celebrating until the wee hours of the morning (playing video games, drinking, eating sushi). I went to bed after pumping and hoped that I would get in some good sleep. Except I couldn’t sleep. I really hate that it takes me 20-40 minutes to unwind enough to sleep. Then Morella was up at 4 wanting to eat (even though at at 1:00), and then again at 6. Man.

The day was okay — I told Tim that I maybe regretted going to the party in the morning because I had so little sleep and felt terrible. We then took turns watching the baby and taking naps so that by the evening I was feeling better about the whole thing. After a good long nap, a nice shower and some relaxing time I was ready to do this again.

Morella was having a hungry day and was going on day three without a poop. Seriously, I think I am putting up a calender in her room (already bought — just need to hang it up) and start keeping track of her poops. For the last couple of times they have been every three days and today was no exception. Though I like to think I helped to bring it on by giving her a bath tonight that was made MUCH easier with a big fluffy, hooded baby towel that her grandmother had bought for her. She didn’t cry after she was out of the bath and instead started talking to me in the bathroom. So I just held in her the bathroom for awhile chatting while she dried off and was snug as bug in a rug. Then after that, I put some calming comfort lotion (lavender) on her one body part at the time (she was still snuggled in the fluffy towel) and she was totally relaxed and enjoyed it. Not an hour after that, and wearing a new outfit — she had a poopsplotion.

Why does she hold her poop? I don’t know. It’s like she holds it until she can’t hold it anymore and then it erupts like a volcano. Her entire diaper get filled and it seeps out the front, side and back into the onsie, through the outfit and often to any nearby blanket she has on. If she would poop everyday she would be a much happier baby, I am sure. Not to mention the poops would be so much easier to clean up. I looked up online to see what I could to help her and instead just found lots of sites reassuring me that it’s normal for babies to go several days without pooping. But, is it normal to do that ALL the time??

Tomorrow…er today — the 2nd, she has her suck swallow test at the UW. I have no idea what to expect. Most of the time she is still lousy at taking a bottle — on the other hand she is gaining weight like crazy so she isn’t completely lousy at sucking, right?

I am a little closer to accepting that she might just be a EP baby (exclusively pumping). Thank goodness we live in a day and age when that is possible and that Morella pretty much came with this pump. Rather she made a $300 dollar pump into one that was only $50 bucks. Maybe she knew she was going to pill about breastfeeding …. *insert spooky supernatural music with slight hints of fate and destiny*

Okay bedtime … again.

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