gah I have internet business to do…I need to renew my domain for wazika and tceku and figure out the errors that were going along with that….I need to catch up on a ton of emails…I need to upload photos of Morella onto Kodak and get some freaking prints….I need to post more things that are aren’t total bummers.

Yeah. Today was good! Believe it or not this little sweetie must have burned herself out the last two days because after 3ish, she slept like an angel, got up to eat just fine (just one little spit up when she needed a burp), and then put herself to sleep at 11.15 and I was able to transfer her to her boucinette without her waking up and squalling!

So I am taking this opportunity to pump and then take that age old cue of sleep when the baby sleeps. I’ll be back at 3 or 4 doing this again…sometimes she wakes up at 2.30. That’s rareish though, but her last bottle was at 10.30…

I heard that when a baby sleeps alot for one day like this that the next day or soon thereafter you see some pretty significant developments. I wonder what I can expect. I did notice that she could use one arm to hold herself up a bit during tummy time today. Of course she still looks at us, smiles her shy little smile, and she can track things great. The sticky poops are still here but she is having them about 3 times a day…which is way more regular than she has ever been before. There are tons of wet diapers…so she is getting enough, I think. She is starting to average about 24 ounces a day (it’s actually more if you count the simply thick, but we are going by breastmilk alone).

Okay, pumping is done. I don’t want to waste precious sleeping hours when I don’t need to be pumping extra.

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