Morella’s weight check appointment went okay. She weighed in at 9 pounds and 5 ounces. So she slowed down a bit since the last weight check on the 4th in which she was 8 pounds and 14 ounces — a total of 7 ounces in 10 days? Yeah. I blame part of that on that whole formula and Thicken Up fiasco when she was pooping and barfing constantly. In any case the doctor said that she is normal (now) in the 23rd percentile’s for weight and 51% for height. Morella is still long and lean. Oh she’s 22 inches nows.

She has been (by our calculations) at least for the last two days, up to around 24-26 ounces of breastmilk a day (not including the Simply Thick that we add). The doctor seemed to think that moving on to pure xanthan gum later on would be a good thing because there are calories in that…whereas there are no calories in the Simply Thick. Hm. I wonder why. Anyway. It will be cheaper that’s for sure, but more work. But based on her weight now, her goal is to get 17-19 ounces a day. But there hasn’t been a big enough pattern of eating for me to really see how much she is getting…if that makes any sense.

Her next appointment is on the 30th for her belated two month appointment, and she’ll be getting shots! Poor baby. :(

Her tone is good. She’s developmentally on track. And we are thinking of repeating the barium swallow study at the end of February/beginning of March. So that’s .. what? Six weeks? Yeah. She’ll be almost four months? Gah. It seems like an eternity away. But I guess as long as she is drinking okay, gaining weight and not getting sick — and not being as colicky as she was in those beginning weeks, then I am okay with that.

She’s a sleepy baby today though. I think she’ll be happy to snooze the day away…I just hope that means she is developmentally learning some stuff…and when has an awake day then I’ll be seeing some new tricks. :D

She is the best though! Man, I love this little baby. She’s the cutest, most adorablest, sweetest and prettiest baby in this house. This weekend she graduated from New Born size diapers to the size one diapers which means I finally have to get on the horn about getting those cloth diaper started. We have a whole bunch of prefolds and some Prowraps I got from Sarah/Hilary. We use them mostly for changing table pads because she pees at least twice a day mid-diaper change. I have used the whole diaper shebang a few times but only when I am certain that she won’t poop. Anyway. Yeah, I need to order the supply. I figure it will be pain in the beginning but we’ll get used to it…

What else. She can track things from side to side, she hears/recognizes me and Tim’s voice, she will smile at you, and what a chatty kathy! Man, she LOVES to talk. She loves her bath time and her favorite place in the world is the changing station. She likes her play gym, hates tummy time — but I make her have it after her gym time but before she eats. Right now I am letting her nap on her tummy though — it really does seem to help her reflux sometimes.

She is sleeping in her bouncinette at night because it’s inclined right and it keeps her in place. She also has a bit of mobile above it for when she wakes up to look at. She goes to sleep between 10-12 and will sleep generally until 3-4, get up and eat a few ounces and konk out until 6-7.

She hates taking rantidine because it tastes awful, but doesn’t mine the prevacid. I also read that it really will take 4-6 weeks for that to really be effective..though the pediatrician suggested that they say that long because that is when you give up.

I don’t know if it’s working yet. But I do know that she is doing better *knocking on wood*

Okay, I should make up bottle for her…I am sure she’ll wake up soonish? Maybe. I am also hungry again and need to go scavange for something. Darn, I was going to look up something to do with the pot roast for the crock pot … but there isn’t enough time right now in the rest of the day to make anything. I wonder if I have any bags to roast it in…hm.

I would also love to have a cream filled donut right now and a diet coke. Oh I should go and check the mail.

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