Tired. That is, right now I am. Morella hasn’t been sleeping longer than 3 hour intervals at night for the last couple of days…oh heck not just at night but all day. Right now she is in her swing again because she was being TOO fussy, and and is gurling away. She’s not eating that great anymore tonight — she’ll eat for a bit and then stop and choke and cough. Which is good! I wanted to comment that she is starting to cough a bit more. I take that as a good sign. :D

But I wish she would do a better job clearing out all the gunk in her throat. Oh well, I guess the last two days were it was a minimum were too good to last.

I actually got some stuff done today, despite my little princess being awake for most of it. She is awake but chill. I spent lots of time talking to her, playing with a mirror, she got floor time exercise – but sometimes a baby just has to chill on their own — hence the swing. However, I would like her to sleep a little more in the swing. Just a nap would be nice. Okay maybe I am speaking for myself here. :P

So yeah, I took a hot shower, I paid two bills and looked at finances, I washed the dishes, I vinegared the coffee pot, I trimmed my bangs (they were getting TOO shaggy to bear), and I am making herb crusted roast for dinner with mashed potatoes. I should probably add another vegetable to the mix…but I don’t know what yet. And I even had time to watch my favorite show in the world right now – Star Trek Voyager. Two awesome hours of it today. :D I really look forward to that block of time to watch it — taking care of baby is a piece of cake during that time.

Speaking of which she is making noises other than raspy breathing…I should turn that white noise on again and maybe she’ll go to sleep. I also need to check the roast and see how close it is to being done, and I still have to make the sauce for it.

Yeah, I could use a nap right now though. Tim is going to be ice skating after he finishes walking the dog and eats. I think if the MIL comes this weekend that we will both go ice skating and see a movie — how date like is that?!

I am also working on putting up some pictures — but I haven’t found time for that yet today. :( It’s on my short list of things to get done though. I have three new year’s resolutions so far…I still need one more. Once I figure out what that is, I’ll post them.

I’m really looking forward to warmer weather. Taking the Bit for walks will be SO nice and a great way to break up the day I think. By the time spring comes, we’ll be able to do so many things…I think it should be exciting. :D

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