I think I have settled on my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Respond to correspondence (maybe this should include phone calls??) in 10 business days.
2. Have baby and marriage survive this year intact.
3. Go on vacation.
4. Make sure to fit in at least an hour of “me” time in the day.

Later –

Morella is having a sleepy day. Which works out because I went and met Hilary, Leta and Cullen over at Cool Beans for some coffee today. I had a nice lunch while I was at it and throughly enjoyed myself. :) I came home just in time for Voyager and *crosses fingers* Morella has been pretty handable today. Maybe that is because last night I got some good sleep! I decided to put in ear plugs – but only just a little so that they would fall out, but enough to dampen all the noises so that I could go to sleep. I was pure, silent heaven and I was out in less than 5 minutes. I repeated this after the 4:00 feed and pump and it worked like a dream. That means I got a good 7 hours of sleep. Then after I gave her the morning medicine and she ate an ounce or two she got sleepy and instead of holding her and napping on the couch, I put her in the swing and took a nap on the couch myself. MUCH better, let me tell you.

But really, I think she is just having a sleepy day which makes up for the last two very awake days she has had.

In addition to getting out of the house, I am also finding and making some time to write again. I started with my journal, and Morella’s journal, as well as replying to emails and letters. It’s a start — but I feel SO much better now that I am writing again. I know I write blogs, but this is way more structured and filtered than what my private journals hold. Sometimes you need to be able to be redundant, sloppy and whiney. Paper journals accomplish that goal for me. I guess everyone has their coping mechanism and mine is definitely writing.

Now if I only I could find a way to make it pay some bills. ;)

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