First things first — I have uploaded all the Morella baby pictures thus far onto Kodak’s site — meaning you can go there to view them and order photo quality prints if you like. All the pictures were taking in high resolution, and I have ordered before from Kodak and was quite happy with the quality of their photos. You need an invitation in order to see (and subsequently order them) though — so if you would like to do so, please email me your address at: hadjare at gmail dot com I thought family members would in particular like this.

Second — Morella was having a case of the reflux today. I could tell as soon as she woke up this morning. I wonder if it’s because I had three cups of coffee yesterday. Ugh, this after a long time with no caffiene maybe it aggravated her tummy. It’s the only thing that I can think of that was really different in my diet. Back to the no caffeine world. At least it’s easy, since we have both been caffeine free for almost a year now.

That said we are trying … unsuccessfully so far, to get her to go to bed at a reasonable bed time — that being 10.30. The last couple of nights that I hae done that she lays in her bouncinette and … well yammers on. The other night she cried because she was hungry again at 11.30 after being up for a long time, and last night she was just … up for an hour before finally going to sleep. I also think we might have a gabber on our hands. Man, she is talking up storm! Especially tonight she just yammered on and on to Tim as he walked her around the house. She talked to herself in the swing. She had a chat with a pink carebear (I thought it was time to introduce stuffed animals and dolls to her to so to help her social skills) and she really gets going when she’s on the diaper changing pad thing. I have to admit, it’s awesome that she talks. It’s makes her seem so much more personable and really, yakking it up is much better than crying it up.

Also, I saw her do it yesterday briefly, but today she really put a lot of effort into it — pushing herself up to look around with her arms while on her tummy! This is the difference of a few inches on Monday when she would just lift her head enough to turn it side to side…now she can lift it enough to look forward. Wow. She is really learning a lot this week!

And in other news, I can’t tell you how happy I am that tomorrow is finally Friday. A weekend of having help again. :) Though there is no Voyager on Fridays…sad. And I don’t have any netflix movies right now to watch…gah what am I going to do with my time?

Oh I talked to my brother Shane today and he said he was going to get me a Xbox Live Kit for my birthday!!!! Wow. I am stunned! His reasoning for it was that it comes with a camera that I can hook up and they can see on their TV … so my family will be able to see Morella since none of them have had the finances or ability to see her yet. This is a great idea! I hope it pans out…

Well I should warm up a bottle in preparation for The Transfer (to bed). I also need some lotion on my hands. I have noticed that after having this baby my skin has become…dry. I guess I really am a Mom now.

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