Sarah had asked me on Saturday, if I ever felt that breastfeeding hunger. I had said no, not really, but I think now I was mistaken. I do experience it, though not every day. It seems to strike me most at lunch time. For example, today a lasagna sandwich wasn’t enough. Well maybe it was enough for MY lunch, but Morella needed the leftover biscuits and gravy. I also had a clementine and .. uh two large glasses of water. I guess I could have eaten some carrot sticks…but blah to that.

Yesterday Tim and I went ice skating which was great! I hadn’t forgotten to much from last time and the hot coco was just as delicious as I remember. We eventually stopped not only because it was time to go but because I fell. I am now sporting an impressive bruise on my left hip. :P Man that ice is much harder than it was last year. After that we came home so I could pump, and then headed out to see Cloverfield, which was pretty good. Why do they call it Cloverfield though?

After that we headed back downtown to attend Customer Appreciation day at the Essen Haus only to discover they were closing it down because no one had shown up! It was advertised as going from 6-10 — and we had gotten there at 8. What a rip. We went home and some lasagna and watched the rest of the Packer game. All of this was made possible by Tim’s parents watching Morella. :D It’s good to get out and spend some alone time with the husband doing things.

Doing things is what I like to do … YES! I’m slightly more productive now than previously before. I’m slightly more efficient than ….

Yeah I can’t get that song out of my head. It’s been there for days, and it the sad thing is that we don’t HAVE a Dunkin Donuts in Madison. It’s totally sad because if there was, you bet your pajamas that I would be there at least once a week. They have the best coffee ever. It’s our treat whenever we come home from visiting Eric and Kate in Chicago — to get two large coffees with cream and sugar, and our selection of two donuts. Ahh….there were some great things about living in Chicago. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 1/2 years. For that first year we were back in Madison I really missed Chicago. I thought about it constantly — but then I made new friends and got used to living in this city. Sure we had lived here before, but that was a different city for us. That Madison was all about downtown and student life. I knew nothing about what it was like to live in Madison as a tax paying resident.

Speaking of taxes, I hope the rest of the tax stuff comes in soon — Mama needs a new couch!

I was going to say something else. Oh yes, guess who slept through another night in a row? Yes! and for a week now my bedtime routine is getting her to go bed. Last night when I put her down she made a little squeak and turned her head dramatically to the side — and was asleep! It was so adorable. I keep reliving it in my head. She also ate an astonishing 26 ounces yesterday. She has been consistently around 22 ounces for the whole week and then all of a sudden 26?! Dang. She is also on her second sleepy day. Maybe she is growing.

It’s snowing again outside. I don’t know how it can snow and be so cold. Tim got up this morning, got ready for work and headed out for the bus. About 30 minutes later I got a call, but I let the answering machine get it. It was Tim asking me to check the bus schedule. Well, I had just gotten the baby down for morning nap and had gone into the kitchen to get the pumping gear when he came in and remembered it was Martin Luther King day. The Metro website confirmed that if you live in this neck of the woods you are screwed if you want to take a bus on the weekends or holidays. That is a new change from when I was riding the bus…they created a 7 to take up the slack. Now if we want to take the busy on the weekend we have to walk way over to the East Transfer point in order to get around. Yeah, I COULD wait for the 16 to take us there, but why not just walk? It’s faster.

So even though he didn’t want to drive because of the accumulating snow, he had to. Plus it’s still super cold out there! Ice skating in the cold is one thing, but getting in and out of cars is another entirely.

I sort of wish my clothes would fit again already. But at the same time, I don’t have anywhere to go and anyone to really see, and more importantly I don’t want to invest money in new pants if they won’t fit come this spring when I plan on getting oodles of walking exercise in. I have 15 pounds to go before they will fit again I think. I have started doing some strengthening exercises and I would like to start working on stretching again. I mean it’s not that hard to do a few exercises in between commercials or baby naps. I should cut myself a LITTLE slack because I didn’t the okay to start exercising again until a little over a week ago, and you know two months isn’t that long ago to use the “I just had a baby” excuse. Right?

So now that I have just talked about exercise and pounds and all that, I still want cake for my birthday this Thursday. There was a very long time that I hated birthday cake and would insist on pie instead. But this year I would like … cake and frosting. Other birthday wishes:

-a Sven
-have a pair of those “sisterhood of the traveling pants” pants
-self shoveling sidewalk and driveway
-my creaky knees to stop being creaky
-for Morella to outgrow this reflux and aspirating issues sooner rather than later

awww…since I mentioned her, I had to pause and look over at her sleeping next to me. Her sweet little face and blond explosion of hair. She is wearing her pooh outfit that she has worn since she first came home and it’s amazing how long she looks now! Which has now broken my train of thought, so I’ll just end now. Besides I ‘m sort of babbling now.

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