Stupid Live365. My favorite station sold out today to the Preferred Member Status. 8( Oh well. There are still hundreds of other options out there to listen to and I still refuse to pay to hear the radio, be it on the internet or not. This weekend:

Helped Eric pack up the rest of his apartment and moved

Hung out at Kate and Eric’s, watching TV and eating the dinner they made. 8)

Went to a party by Mischa and his new company buddies. (Saw Aric, Erika and Rachel)

Sunday stayed in bed all day, reading, beading, putting jewerly, making books, writing, all the while watching movies. Got up only to check my email, eat, feed the cats..etc.

Monday, here at work. Working, I guess..

Oh. I wanted to say that the book–Outlander, I am reading now (that Kate gave me) smacks of Sarah. It’s totally a romance where our heroine goes back in time to the 17′s of Scotland. I can’t put it down yet….because I am a sucker for romances once in a while, and it ….has been awhile. 8)

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