I am one year older! Huh. It feels remarkably similar to how I felt yesterday. No, just kidding. Yesterday I was all meloncholy about my birthday — it just sort of touches me in a bittersweet way when people try to show how much they love or value me in their lives. I end up feeling like I want to make THEM happy instead. So with that in mind, I am posting some pictures today!

Who doesn’t love pictures?

These first two pictures of pictures of pictures because my scanner is so old and murky and … uh in the basement. The first one is me at my 1st birthday with my two older brothers Shane (left) and Doug (Right)
Here I am at around 2 — wearing the only bikini I will ever wear in my life time.

My friend Courtney crocheted Morella a hat and now she can finally wear it! She actually had made two, the first one I have a picture of somewhere…but her noggin has now outgrown it.

Look at this crazy hair!!!!
And my old college friend Chuck dropped a surprise visit on us last Friday (which was super nice!) — here is he pre-baby inspection. He later said she passed.

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