Things are swimming along well. Morella has gotten better — we think — and now that we have a handle on her reflux, I would call her a good baby! But then again, aren’t all babies good? Perhaps I can say that because yesterday was a good day. She slept though the night, got up with Daddy in the morning, and then I took her out for coffee and a visit to Hilary’s from 12-4. That whole time she awake and chatty and talkative. Then when she came home she yakked it up for another hour. It’s amazing how good of mood she can be in for so long.

Then she went to sleep around 5 and slept to 7 when she got up to take her medicine and eat and by 7.30 she was back asleep until 9.15, and then up for an hour before going to bed and then she slept through the night — well, almost. She woke up at 4.30 because she was hungry but after she ate she went right back to sleep until 7.45. There, how exciting was that to read a timetable like that? Ha ha ha.

Alright. After I fed her this morning I went back to sleep until 6.40 — and hello engorgement. I went and pumped, they were like giant, hard boulders. I pumped a record 12 ounces — and could have probably done an extra ounce if I had stayed hooked up longer than 30 minutes. But I was tired, and needed to go to bed. But 12 ounces! I filled the bottles I had.

I keep waking up with a head hurt. Not quite a headache, though it could be that. Maybe I am grinding my teeth again? Hm. My jaw doesn’t hurt. I feels like I am extremely thirsty. We have the humidifier in the room on all night, and I make sure to drink lots of water at night and after I get up to pump so I don’t know, maybe I am still dehydrated? Or maybe it’s all the broken up sleep.

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