First here are some more photos from the past few weeks. I really need to put these in the gallery, but that is for another day. Let’s see pictures now!!! The first is Morella at 9 weeks. We had gone out to visit Hilary for coffee and so I dressed her up. These were taken the same day as Jason ‘s Black and White photos.

Here I am with Morella at 10 weeks.

Nutz. According to the news I am missing a historical rally, but Tim is going to be there. As in the Barak Obama visit at the Kohl center today. We tried calling brother in law Phil several times to see if he would babysit but alas our calls were never answered. Ahh well, I am sure Tim will have a good time and keep me informed.

The baby is still sleeping which is giving me time to write this post. You see, the past week she has not been taking consistent naps during the day. It was like a switch went off last week where she doesn’t like to take significant naps during the day. She’ll have a cat nap here and there but nothing longer than 30 minutes at a time. It’s rough finding time to pump and let me tell you that I could sure use a shower. That is one thing I miss about pregnancy — the awesome hair that I never had to wash. Now it’s back to it’s greezy self after two days. :P It’s also starting to come out again so I might very well get a hair cut in the next few weeks. It’s nice that I know two people who cut hair. I wonder how they would feel about me taking a baby along…hm.

Anyway, so my nefarious plan — Tim took a half day so that he could go to this rally. He came home at 1:00 with some Taco Bell for lunch, though the bastards didn’t include the chalupa that we paid for. I tell you that 50% of the time the folks at Taco Bell leave stuff out. I think that they do that a lot, maybe like a scam because it’s drive through and sort of a pain to get too. UPS delivered us the next month supply of Simply Thick for Morella AND a package from my brother. He really did buy an Xbox Live kit with a 13 month subscription! Holy cow! So in order to get it to work we had to go Best Buy to buy a wireless bridge so that Tim could make it work. While we were out we also got a coffee. Ahh….I needed that jolt. I am just going to freeze that next batch of milk to be used at a much later date when her reflux won’t be affected by the caffeine (if it has any effect at all). Tim was going to do this on his own, but by 2.30 this baby still hadn’t napped and since he was going to be gone for much of the evening I needed some good pumping time and .. well some breathing time. Car rides are notorious for putting people to sleep and sure enough it worked! She is STILL sleeping, so that’s about a 2 hour nap so far, which seems like an eternity considering how few naps she has been taking.

She is starting to wear her 3-6 month clothing as her 0-3 sleepers are too short. Now that I have had time to go through these clothes, I noticed that we have even less clothes for her in the 3-6 realm. I counted that she has maybe 6 or 7 sleepers, some pants (but it’s more for the 6 mo mark) and 9 onsies. I guess that’s enough to get us by. I suppose we could buy her some more clothes, but I’ll just wait it out and see. We have a TON of 6-9 and beyond clothes though.

I figured out a solution to our bath dilemma. You see she loves baths but hates coming out of them. I mean she throws a tantrum that seems to last well beyond the actual bath. I tried putting her towels in the dryer to warm them up — nada. Then yesterday, I thought “hairdryer!” So I plugged in the hair dryer next to her changing station and after her bath I laid her down and turned on the dryer to low warm — and the combination of the noise and the warmth = no crying and a happy baby! It was awesome! Bath time is no longer something I dread to give her. You should see her hair — check out our little punk rock baby (11 1/2 weeks).

Oh so back to the xbox live kit – after Tim gets it work I will have xbox live that has a little camera so now my parents can actually SEE Morella and we can visit and see each other on the television! I can’t wait to try it out. I guess I could also play online games, we only have Halo — and since that is my brother’s main job I would suck at it. I don’t have time now to do it, but you never know what the schedule will look like in a few more months. I guess I am going to have to schedule weekly video chats with my family to make sure my brother’s gift gets well used. If anyone else has xbox live, give me your info!

I feel like there is something else I wanted to talk about, but let me work on those pictures real quick. I can yap later.

Also yesterday, I saw Morella do some amazing tummy time — all that crying is paying off! Look at how far she lifted herself and sustained it!

Now, you can tell me if you are sick of seeing pictures. I can totally understand.

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