MSN had this article about “What Were You Born to Do: Find Your True Calling.” I thought the questions looked like fun to answer, and so:

1. What subjects do you most enjoy reading about?: Culture: scifi, tribal, ethnic, pop, primitive (any culture): psychology: sociology…basically the ‘how and why” people do things.

2. What television or radio programs do you most enjoy?: Science fiction, fantasy based, discovery, the learning channel, A&E (particularly investigative reports), documentaries, mysteries, drama.

3. What are your favorite types of movies? : Scifi/fantasy, drama, comedy, mystery

4. What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?: Crafts, collecting, reading, writing, visiting, watching TV

5. What type of volunteer activities do you prefer?: Helping people not feel lonely or abandoned, feel better about themselves. Solving problems.

6. What subjects do you enjoy discussing with friends?: Day to day activities (considering most of my friends do not live by me), the how and why of other people problems.

7. What subjects come to mind when you daydream?: Rural, travel, meeting odd little people in out of the way places VS working on my house, staying at home (this is the ultimate dream….not working) and writing, doing crafts, reading, cooking, etc.

8. What have been your favorite jobs?: Tough one. I would have to say helping people, and learning about them, and figuring out ways they can make their life better…together..with them.

9. What were your favorite school subjects?: Social Sciences, English and art.

10. What are your pet peeves?: The word ‘Rant”. Passiveness and grudges.

11. If you doodle, what do you often draw?: I don’t doodle, because I can’t draw. But when I do, I draw random dots…and then see how many ways they can all be connected. How many lines can be made connecting two points together.

12. If you ran the world, what changes would you make? : I would work on eliminating hunger.

13. If you won a million bucks, what would you do with it?: Buy my family a house, Tim’s family a house, pay off the debt owed by my father so he can really own his place, pay off our debts and by myself a house.

14. What are your favorite kinds of people?: Quirky people with passions/interests, honest, not afraid to tell me what they think and yet expect the same, with no judgment.

15. How would you like to be remembered after your death?: I would like to be remembered as a lady.

16. What are your favorite toys?: Writing accruements, crafts, the TV.

17. How would you describe your political beliefs?: Mostly liberal with some heavy conservatism on some things (but only for myself…I won’t tell you what to think).

18. Who do you most admire in life and why?: My grandmother. Because she had tuberculosis twice, a bad husband that she kicked out, took care of three kids on her own, was very independent, and lived quite alone for most of her later life, much to her disappointment. But yet she was *always* hopeful and thanksful for what God provided.

19. What tasks have brought you the most success? :Responsibility driven, in which no one else wants to do anything, leadership tasks.

20. What tasks do you think you could do well that you haven’t yet done?: I think I would do well in the military or police..

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