Tim did it! It took him two days and a lot of techno mumbo jumbo but we were able to hook up the xbox live using a wireless bridge, so we saved ourselves a bunch of money and after the 13 months are up, we could use the bridge for other stuff. Like if we ever finish the basement..or whatever. I don’t know.

So yeah, Tim hooked it up and I video conferenced with my family tonight! They got to see Morella and me live and talk and see the grubby house, and my homemade moby wrap. I love this thing, I really do. I can put her in it after she has eaten and I get to walk around and do stuff and she is happy that she is being carried and can see everything. Plus, you know it’s constant stimulus because she is doing whatever I am doing, which is just a lot cooking, washing dishes, shredding mail, doing odds and ends. I can’t bend over with her really good so I am getting lots of lunges in, but mostly I avoid that. One of the things I have been doing is cutting the threads that got pulled out of towels to make them look brand new. Well, maybe not brand new but not as scraggly looking as they do now. It’s totally a putzy thing, and now there are towel bits littering the whole living floor.

So talking with my Mom threw off my pumping a bit, but I figure I’ll just do my last pump at the usual time, which is 11 (only an hour and half between) and just go from there. Baby has been pretty good about sleeping through the night and getting up to eat between 5.30 and 7.30. This morning it was 5.30, but that was because she didn’t eat much yesterday — only getting 21.5 ounces. Her reflux was pretty bad. We are wondering if her randitine dosage needs to be adjusted. The pediatrician had wanted to try and let her outgrow the medicine. From what I have read online though, is that when they do start to outgrow it, it’s pretty useless. She is still on the same dosage as she was four pounds ago. We are giving it until Monday to see if she doing any better, if this whole reflux acting up was just a phase (because that does happen). After talking to Mom and my brother, I gave Morella a bath. She started to cry half way through it, so I had to hurry up. I wonder why she did that? She usually loves baths…

But after that, I did the hair dryer trick and it calmed her down, and even relaxed her. I called Tim in to hold the hair dryer and wave it about as I lotioned her up with the Calming Comfort Lotion from Aveeno that we got from Kathleen. Then she ate two and half ounces her bottle and was out like a light! She is also finally able to wear her sleep sacks now that we switched over to just using the propped cosleeper. I had to use a rice log that Laima gave Tim two years ago to prevent her from ending up at the end of the cosleeper from her kicking and wiggling through the night. I tried it out last night and it worked like a charm!

Anyway so Tim put her to sleep and then I was left with…free time? Holy cow, what should I do with it? Should I start cleaning because we have guests this weekend? Should I make bottles (no I should wait on that until last pump), should I finish a letter, or package up some stuff, or should I go and spend some quality time chatting with Hilary and making a post? You can see what won out on that one. Though I am going to get up at 10.30 and work on the bathroom a bit. I just don’t know where to start with the rest of the house. Start small and specific, right? Scrub the toilet, the tub, wash the mirror and wipe off the counter.

I was inspired by Hilary’s post about everything coming together and being happy, and was thinking today of those moments.

–in Dark December there was a moment, at night, in which I was breastfeeding Morella and Tim was practicing accordion in the office. I felt, for a moment, that everything was perfect and as it should be.

–This morning when we woke up for the second time, I looked over at her in the sleeper and she looked over at me and smiled and was happy. Ahh.

–I have taken two baths with her and both times, when she first gets in, she will look up at me with absolute trust in those bright little eyes and just be calm, content and happy. I love those moments and care take my eyes off her and my heart just melts.

-when I pick her up after she has been sleeping, and she is still a little groggy, she will cuddle in next to me and burrow her face into my neck. She’s such a little bit then, I want to just huggle her forever. But then she wakes up more and wants to face out.

We’ll it’s 10:30. I suppose I should start on the bathroom.

Tim’s parents are coming tomorrow night to babysit, so we will have a Friday evening to do stuff! We aren’t quite sure what to do with it yet…dinner, movie, skating, hochunk, rock show, coffee….so many possibilities. We are thinking of putting all our ideas into a hat and drawing it out. I am supposed to be thinking of more things to do to liven it up. I guess I can do that tomorrow morning.

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