You know, I don’t think Morella’s hair is going to fall out like everyone said it would. In fact, it’s getting longer and filling out. I commented to Tim today that I didn’t expect her to have that much hair. I was a rather bald baby myself — and I have no idea what Tim looked like when was born as there are no baby pictures and he said he didn’t remember. :P

It’s a good thing that our Chicago friend canceled this weekend due to the weather. The ice rain started early this morning and it just got yuckier as the day progressed. However, we did get one visitor and that our After-Work beer friend Oliver who braved the snowy conditions to come over and deliver a bag full of the most sinfully delicious chocolate chip cookies with pecans. Gah, I had FOUR of them today…and trust me, I used restraint. The visit was wonderful! Oliver is such a nice guy — everyone should have an Oliver in their lives. :)

After he left, Tim was inspired by his courage to go to the grocery store. We had tried to go yesterday but Woodmans was packed. Tim has said it was busier than Christmas, but I didn’t believe him. We decided to not go and went to Dick’s instead where he got some pretty great snowboots and I got a pretty great Annie’s pretzel. Anyway, so when he came back from Woodman’s using our Woodman’s green totes (save the environment yo — plus they are really nice bags) he said that Woodman’s was filled with employees roving around looking for something to do. It was not as busy as it was yesterday, little wonder considering how rotten the conditions were today and it effectively closed the entire town down with it’s ice rain and snow. He said that check out person said that yesterday was the busiest day that they had yet and that people had parked all the way around the entire building making it impossible for semi’s to deliver their goods! I am SO glad that we didn’t try to force going yesterday, I could just imagine what a terrible time we would have had.

This morning after Morella’s breakfast we all trooped back to bed to get some extra shuteye. At one point we woke up because we heard something hit the roof and slide off. We were too tired to fully investigate since the noise stopped and went back to sleep. Later on though, we saw that a huge branch (like a diameter of 8 inches) had fallen and slide off our roof and mostly into the neighbors yard. He came over to let us know about it and Tim said he would help him move it later. It’s going to have to be chainsawed…but it doesn’t look like it caused any damage to our roof. Whew! I think it was the ice that weighed it down because it was a healthy branch.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was Pluto’s birthday! He’s now eight years old. Tim celebrated it by buying him a plain McDonald’s hamburger. He managed to scarf that down with no problems. Tim made sure to buy some beef liver today so that we can cook it up and add to his food to make him interested in eating again. Gah he is such a drama hound.

Okay, tomorrow I need to finish the taxes — as in sign them, make photo copies and package them up. I finally got a chance to review them again with fresh eyes to make sure there were no mistakes tonight and I am still amazed at how much we are getting back. We are talking 5K people! I have NEVER seen that much come back. I cannot wait for the new couch and loveseat combo we are going to get. The futon will probably go in the basement, though we would really like to try and find a way to fit it in the office. It would mean getting rid of the T-office desk and moving all the computer stuff to the desk hutch…and moving a bookshelf over…but I think it could be done. It would be nice to still have a place for an extra bed with some privacy in the house. Maybe we should buy a crib too, as the person I was going to get one from never called me back. Hm. That’s an idea. OH and then a new stove and of course the rest goes to other home improvement projects like regrading the house, replacing the front door window, repainting some parts of the house…eh…the list goes on. My point is…having a kid AND a mortgage really pay of…er sort of kind of. You know what I mean. ;)

Last, but not least, in addition to asking about upping Morella’s medicine dosage tomorrow, I am also going to ask about whether or not the prevacid really needs to be 12 hours apart…I mean when something says take twice daily, I had always assumed that meant 12 hours apart. However, Morella has been starting to crash out earlier and earlier…there are now more days where she goes to bed at 8.30 or 9 than not and I would hate to wake her up and give her medicine at 9.45 if she is already asleep and down for the night. Though if we have to do it, then I guess we’ll keep our current schedule of letting her sleep in the living room with us holding her until it’s time for bed.

Okay that’s it for the Pumping Chronicles… I need a better title than that. It’s just that I am able to update on this last pump of the night.

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