Moby Love: I captured a quick shot of Morella after she fell asleep for a quick 30 minute nap this morning, allowing me to thus be here and writing a photo-erific update.

Here is another one…I wish I looked better, but you know it’s darn cold outside, full of snow and you are lucky I even got dressed today. :P

It took a while to find this wonder…it’s the fifth sling carrier type thing that I have tried and quite honestly it’s the best one hands down. She is centered, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I have both hands free, she is upright which is best for reflux and she gets to be carried around and see the world without too much effort at all! Plus Daddy can use it with no problems either …bonus when she falls asleep I can go to the office computer and sit down and surf! or update you with photos. I broke down a bought a real moby last Friday and I am glad I did…it’s so much more comfortable than the one I made. :D Here, here’s a picture of Morella in the one I made:Today is a pretty mellow day and since baby did take a quick nap, here are a few more photos from this weekend. I am thinking of you Laima! I hope it made it worth your while to check out my site today. ;)
Morella and her bottle. Lately when she eats she will stare at me VERY intently. I can’t help but to stare back and marvel at this little miracle.

One of Morella’s new favorite things to do is eat her fingers. She’ll chow down on them all day if she could. She has even stuck them so far into her mouth that she has gagged! That said, we have a daily washing her hands ritual to de-slimeify them.

And lastly, because she is awake now and I think just pooped her diaper…here is our little angel at her best.

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