I held Morella up most of today because her reflux was bad, and by this evening she was like she was when we had taken her off the randitine for those few days when we started the prevacid. It’s quite obvious to me that she has fully outgrown her dose of .15 ml a day, and everything online says that this is a very weight sensitive medicine. I called the doctor today to have it adjusted and no one called me back. Maybe she wasn’t in because of stupid President’s day, but it still pisses me off.

I really don’t like my pediatrician and I am definitely going to try the new one when she starts in March. For heaven’s sake, she said herself that she could count on her hand the cases of silent aspirators she has had in her office and yet I don’t feel like she is taking this seriously. If reflux is the reason she is aspirates then wouldn’t we want to do everything possible to make sure that she can heal from it? Having her outgrow the medicine? Ridiculous! Well, she got what she wanted. Morella did outgrow it, but it’s really apparent that she still needs it. She was in such pain this evening.

It also makes me wonder if the prevacid is having any effect — does that need to be adjusted too? She is currently on half a solutab a day (15mg total). I will call again tomorrow. And Morella finally did go down to sleep, I just hope that she sleeps the night through. She was exhausted, and she was on the low end of eating again today (23 ounces).

If I went by a guess of her weight — which I HOPE at this point is 10 pounds then 10 x 2.5 = 25 ounces. Though most sites suggest that she should be hitting the 27 mark. She hasn’t hit that mark in over a week and half, which I guess is about when her reflux pain started to get worse.

Great, and now I also see that reflux peaks by four months. Peaks..so we can expect things to get worse until then…and then what? Take another four months to get better?

EDIT: I found a site that calculates how much … so if she is 10 pounds then she should be getting a minimum of 22 ml per day. The 15ml that she is on now is based on her 7 pound .. like I said before. But 7ml is a big difference!

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