Morella weighed 10 pounds and 9 ounces. So that means she is still gaining about a 1/2 an ounce a day. Today, though, was the first time that I was really okay with this because it does follow a growth curve that she has set for herself. Her ears and throat, and lungs all looked great, she was energetic and even talkative. She is healthy – despite the reflux. The doctor told me that her son had reflux too and that she knew exactly what it was like and then said I was doing a great job!

I sort of felt like I was for a moment there. :)

So her prevacid is still the same because it’s a pill that is cut, it’s really hard to go up in dosage without overdoing it. Her randiditine did go up to 1ML twice daily and already I am seeing improvement. Morella still refluxes of course, but she isn’t in as much pain when she does. She also said using tylenol once a week or for fussy flare ups was fine but didn’t think the mylanta was a good idea because the calcium would block nutrient absorbtion. Of course, she also added that a GI would know more and asked what they said. I said she had never been to a GI and she said “Really?” I said, really.

Anyway. So we are going to work with the upped randitine and if that doesn’t seem to help her then all I have to do is call and then I can get a referral to a GI specialist. Sadly, the only GI specialists are at the UW. I sort of wish that we could have gone to one right away, but then again I suppose the prevacid and randitine, in combination with the Simply Thick (in addition to being easier to swallow for her, it’s also thick and stays in the tummy more….) is the most we could do.

Baby girl was much better today overall. I started to keep track of her sleeping in addition to her eating…and I have realized that she takes 30 minute naps. Well, aside from her long nap in the morning after she gets up. For example she gets up at 7:00 – eats, gets medicine, diaper, change of clothes and then goes to sleep around 8:00, then she stays asleep to around 11 or 12. After that she is up for about 2-3 hours and then takes a 30 minute nap. I mean EXACTLY 30 minutes! You could set your alarm to it. It’s so crazy. After the 30 minute nap, she is up for another 2-3 hours before repeating…and then it’s evening and she goes to around 3 hours before getting ready for bed. Though her going to sleep at 9 isn’t always indicatives that she will go to bed right away. Like tonight. She was sleepy at 9.45 — but didn’t really go to sleep in her bed until 10.20.

Anyway. I’m going to bed. Having baby duty all day makes for an exhausted person — especially when I didn’t get to recoup my sleep loss (from pumping) this morning during her morning nap because of the doctor appointment.

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