My little Mafia Accountant — don’t mess with her or she’ll mess with you.

Quick like, while I have 15 minutes left of her nap.

Last night was great. Tim decided that we should go shopping and even though I told him how much money we had for the rest of the month it was so totally worth it. We went to Petsmart for some bugs for Koopa, then to Best Buy for a new CD, followed by a trip to Babies R Us to get some more milk bags and then to Borders for a book for Tim using the %30 coupon. Right before that Morella was in meltdown mode, but these trip calmed her down and she was awake a good portion of it just looking around and sucking on her snowbunny suit. We need to get out more. I can just imagine how much she will love going for walks when it’s nicer out.

I got a Lorena McKennitt – Ancient Muse. The second song the Gates of Istanbul, which was included on a mix CD that I got from an old college friend this past Christmas has moved me. It’s been awhile since I have heard a song that I can’t get out of my head and that I can listen to over and over and over. The rest of the album is good. You know I love new age music so it all fits. I am now listening to the album for the second time today — in part because it been playing to calm down baby. Noontime till nap time is music and dancing time. After that it’s Voyager time. Then it’s nap time again followed by Daddy’s home and let the fuss of the evening begin. Not that she is fussy everything, but we have yet to figure out stuff to do in the evening because by then we are all rather tired. I tell you that four hour nap she takes in the morning after her first bottle is priceless. I am finally able to start catching up on mail.

Speaking of which, we got the next size up in prefolds and wraps from Sarah! Thank you Sarah! Morella and I are working on “What an awesome friend you are Care Package” for you and Ruth. But mostly it will probably be a sappy letter about how truly lucky we are to know and have you in our lives. :)

Enough! Tick tock! Here are some pictures (the first one is actually inspired by a set that Sarah took. I did a series of what Morella does best — waking up from sleep). Click picture once, and then click that picture again to make bigger.

Once she was up I couldn’t resist taking a few of us. I thought they turned out well!

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