If I gave up my two hour nap in the morning during Morella’s four hour nap I would probably get a crapload of stuff done around the house. But is six hours enough sleep? I don’t know. I feel like I need to be fully rested to truly be with baby all day and give her the attention she needs — especially since she has been Duchess of Fussiness during the evenings again. I feel terrible for Tim that he has to take her during this time while I pump (well at least part of the time).

I can just imagine the day when I don’t have to pump anymore — I will get 2.5 hours of my life back a day.

This weekend was good. On Saturday we went out to couch shop — to just get out of the house. I think we found the couch we want at Steinhafels. It’s like a mile long couch — sectional actually…and it will fit in our living room and I can already imagine lazy Sunday after noons with Tim, Me, Baby and Dog all sprawled out on the couch and being comfortable. So we are going to get rid of the current couch and then get rid of the L shaped desk in the office and put the futon there. I already measured it out and it will fit. The computer will go on the Hutch desk that we have in there. Then, just think! Pluto can still lay on the futon and be next to Tim when he’s in the office — which is large chunk of time. Oh I am excited about this. Of course I still need to send in taxes. If if I gave up that nap I could finish them tomorrow and have it all set to go. I could also finish packing up some packages and finally mail them…hm. Do I give up this sleep? Maybe once a week?

Sunday, it was finally warm so we all decided to take our first walk! Tim put Morella in the Moby and I lassoed the dog and we went on a nice long walk … well maybe not long but about at 40 minute walk. Morella wasn’t fond of the wind blowing her face on the way out but on the way back and in the lee of the wind she fell asleep for most of her first walk. Still, we got out and I am just itchin’ to do more of it. I was prompted to look at the jogging stroller that we have I really do think that Tim is right in that she can’t use it until she is 6 months old — that means June! Gah, I don’t think I can wait that long. I might have to break down and finally get Morella a stroller. :(

A stroller…a crib….well I guess I could find the crib used somewhere on Craigs List, but I don’t have to worry about that for a little while longer.

Today, we went on our first trip to the drive through bank! Hurray! I did it!!! Then afterward we did a little grocery shopping, came home, watched Voyager and then Sigrid came over with delicious Arby’s food and a wonderful stuffed dragon for Morella! It’s so cool. I think she is going to love it when she is older. How cool would that be for her favorite toy to be a dragon?

This week is the end of February — thank god! Then it’s March and hopefully the snow will go away. I am wondering if I should get her a dress for Easter. I don’t know. She’ll be 4 1/2 months old — that is old enough for a baby to wear a dress right? Eh. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see how she’s doing at that point.

Well, I should go to bed. I feel like the decaf coffee I had tonight was a little caffeinated. I also need to make a bottle before bed. Though technically there is one in the fridge…so I don’t HAVE to make a bottle right now. I could just do it in the morning with that batch of milk. Yeah, I’ll do that.

–Edit: What I COULD do is go to be earlier like when she sleeps at night…and then I could stay up in the morning. Hm. This is possible.

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