Friday Photos: 14 Weeks aka 3 1/2 Months

“May the Schwartz be with you!”
We got this cool tye dye bunting sack from Laurushka. Thanks Laura! We love it.

Morella was just waking up for the second time — and was still happy, right before her first dose of yucky medicine.

Mad Baby! Mad Baby!
Smiling, in an outfit sent from the very cool Sarah. Morella was our little boy for a day. :D

Morella’s first time in the neglecto-saucer. She had to be propped with a towel and a blanket, but she stayed for a good 10 minutes and enjoyed her freedom. She’s an independent one.

Morella conquers the dragon! This is the dragon that I mentioned Sigrid brought over on Monday. I predict that Morella and her Dragon (what shall we name it?? or do we wait for her to name it?) are going to be the best of friends.

Okay, baby is getting tired of sitting on my lap at the computer and wants to move on. Besides, I think she filled her pants.

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