I have never heard of this before, but it would seem to fit our case. Morella started waking up in the night crying, it has happened for the last five days. At first it was at 5, then four and four and now it’s at three in the morning. The first time I let her fuss herself back, but it was hard on us and we got little sleep. The second night I got her a bottle, but she was asleep by the time I got back to her (but she woke up later at five and I gave it to he then, she ate most of it and crashed right away). The last two nights when she wakes up, I have flipped her back onto her tummy and she sleeps the rest of the night with no problems.

She gets up in the morning, takes her medicine, eats and then goes back to sleep in about an hour to hour and half. Then she takes her long morning nap, except the last few days she wakes every hour crying — but see, I don’t think she is really awake. She will cry and then go back to sleep within five minutes.

Anyway, one theory is that this is called Sleep Regression and that it happens at four months (as well as 8 months). The reason for this being that they are hitting some pretty big developmental milestones and the extra brain activity keeps them up at night. I know that others might think that she is hungry (and therefore a reason to start solids), but I just don’t think that is the case since she is asleep in five minutes … or maybe she is. I don’t know. I do know that she is fitting this restless sleep pattern, that I didn’t know about before this week. Why didn’t What to Expect or Be Prepared talk about this? It seems like every other person thinks it’s common knowledge.

Other big things this week:

–she is really taking an interest in the animals and follow their movements

–she prefers adult faces to those of babies, and likes to interact with people.

–she continues to be a great sitter and sits on my knee while dinner and computer time, unfortunately she also want to “sit” while I am carrying her face forward which makes for a very droopy and unstable baby. The days of one armed baby carrying might over until she masters and gets big enough for the hip hold. Though, of course the moby wrap helps with this immensely.

–She can be pulled up from laying down without supporting her head! I noticed that today. I know for a fact she couldn’t do that last week.

-She reaches for stuff well and we notice that she does it predominately with her left hand. I think we might have a lefty…of course we won’t know for two years..but that is just my observation.

–Tummy time is coming along well from all that sleeping on her tummy. She spends a good 5-10 minutes on her tummy after waking up without crying and pushing up, looking around and reaching for toys that I put in front of her.

–Still no big belly laugh. Man she is making us work for it.
–Still no rolling over.
–Still no change in her eye color.

Also, I have been wondering how people go by the age of their kid. I mean we have been counting the weeks…so tomorrow she is 15 weeks old — which would be one month and three weeks. But my ticker, says she will only be one month and 2 weeks old…at what point do people start going by the month based on their birthday? Does that make sense? Hm.

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