Three and half weeks version 2.0

So, I guess between 3-4 months is when I am supposed to switch to going by her birthday instead of weeks. That said, here is Morella at three and half months….again.

This outfit is from Janet, my great coworker whom I miss very much. :( The outfit was way too big on her three weeks ago and now, it might have another week left before she outgrows it. I think she went through a huge growth spurt the last two weeks. So many clothes have quit fitting all of a sudden. This photo was taken today.

I wanted to remember how small her hands were, so I made sure to take a photo of them with mine for size. She was just getting up from a nap when I snapped this one.

Hilary and Cullen at Cool Beans on Wednesday — my Get the Heck Out of the House Day.

Here I am with a baby that I look like I kidnapped. We look SO different from each other! I was really surprised to discover that she could finally wear the cool owl shirt from Kate and Eric and the pink hoodie and pants from Uncle Ben and Kelly that she got at Christmas.

This was taken tonight. Morella has a serious case of the Mommy’s. THIS is what that looks like. I would take her every 10-15 minutes for a few minutes to calm her down. Otherwise she screamed and cried when Tim was holding her. As soon as I picked her up she stopped. This weekend looks like its going to be another Intensive Daddy Therapy weekend. Last weekend she was upset all day Saturday but was okay by the evening and on Sunday and Monday she had no problems. But over the course of the week, she devolved back into this. It’s so hard! I want her to be able to find comfort in Tim and lets face it, if she isn’t finding comfort in the second person that she has the most contact with then what does the future hold for babysitting? I wish there was more information on how to help with this. I know it takes time, maybe it’s a phase…but what if it isn’t? What if it is the start of me never being able to leave her side?

I leave with you Little Baby in a Big World. I took this one today. She is in the saucer with no towels or pillows. Just her. Still too little for it to be effective.

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