Some days, I really try to limit how much I eat. Like today, I tried to keep it just breakfast, lunch and dinner and not snack too much. But by the end of the day I am just famished. I know it’s too late to eat anything right now because soon I will be in bed and sleeping, but it’s hard to resist rummaging for something to eat. I think when it’s nicer that the exercise from walking the baby and dog will help alleviate the extra eating guilt.

I know, breastfeeding is huge — it’s an extra 800 calories a day, but that gets eaten up quickly when you snack on junk food.

Tonight I went to the library and … wow, I guess Tuesday night is the night to go! It’s full of cute, library college boys who look interesting to talk too. I almost felt bad that my hair was totally greasy and I was wearing athletic shoes with jeans…but eh. I was happy to get out of the house and indulge in some baby books without having to pay for them. One of the books I got is the “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer” — I am sure that once I finish reading this book I will have all the answers to how to whisper to Morella. Ha ha ha ha. Okay, but I am looking forward to reading it. Some new perspective would be nice.

When I got back Morella was red eyed with a crocodile tear hanging on her cheek. Tim said that she cried almost the entire hour that I was gone. Sigh. I took her but she cried for me too until I put on some music and danced with her. Eventually I gave her some bottle but during that and afterward she would intermittently wail. I just don’t think that she was feeling that good tonight. I guess it’s a really good thing I’ll be able to decode every sound she makes in a few short days. ;)

I guess Daylight savings time isn’t that bad. When Tim got home from work there was enough sunlight and it was warm enough that we were able to leave the house and go on a walk with Pluto. Ahh it was nice to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. :D I think we are going to do the same thing tomorrow too since it will be warm again.

I am looking forward to the hair cute…my bangs are long and totally annoying me. I would cut them myself but I would rather have a professional do it and have it go along with a hair cut style. Besides, I have done a crappy job of it lately.

Alright, I have to go and make a bottle, drink some water and try to forget the empty chasm inside my stomach. No, I should focus on telling my body to eat all that extra fat chub hanging around….there is plenty of it to go around! It’s a good thing those girl scout cookies are finally gone. Laima brought over some awesome food last night so I had breakfast and dinner made, and she brought over some cinnamon rolls — of which I scarfed down in no time. I think she is hired…I have been looking for a cook for some time. ;)

Despite me saying I need to quit eating so much junk food, I am really interested in trying out the Clone of Cinnabon recipe on Maybe tomorrow. Though … today flew by and I honestly don’t know how that happened. I felt like I got nothing done and yet the day was packed enough that I didn’t have any internet time until tonight. And see? Now that I got in that extra 1/2 hour to actually type and respond to comments, and emails means that I am not going to bed until 12. :(

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