I made the clone of a cinnabon recipe yesterday and it’s good…but I don’t think I had enough brown sugar for the recipe (I ran out) and the frosting needed more sugar. I think I will keep this recipe though and keep my adjustments for another time. To make sure I wouldn’t eat them all, I send off a few to Laima and some to Hilary.

Last night was my night out and Hilary and I went to Escape (after buying a powerball ticket) which I lost. If I had won though, I promised Hilary a million for her troubles. Escape was super busy as there was a stitch and bitch meeting going on, and a bunch of mixed college coed’s gathered around a table and talking about really important things like politics, environmentalism .. etc. They were going to change the world I tell you! We eventually found a tiny little nook in the back by the gallery between two rooms. It was very tiny and eventually one of my hands fell asleep from being scrunched in there. The knitting group was done by the we emerged for a walk about and we moved into the main room. I played a game of chess with Hilary but I don’t think she particularly enjoys the games. I said that next time we could play scrabble.

I don’t consider myself to good at chess. I play by the seat of my pants and will often make reckless moves just to force some action, and yet no one wants to play with me. Well except for my little brother James (aka Ditto). I taught him to play when he was a whippersnapper and he would ALWAYS want to play to play with me. We were such addicts that we continually made our own chess sets from legos, checkers (just write the rank on top), and even sculpted our own pieces out of dried flour dough. I was able to reconnect with him on facebook and I am enjoying it immensely. He was my best friend from the ages of 8-13 but I have lost contact with him for many many years now.

I got home and Tim said they had a rough night of it. When I got in she was sleeping in her bed, wearing her sleep sack and was full of milk and medicine. He didn’t say much to me regarding his night but went to bed straight away. This morning he said that during the hour of non-stop crying he seriously considered wanting to divorce me, or sell the baby. What a punk….that just tells me that he needs MORE quality time with the Bit. :P Besides, an hour of crying ? That’s still totally better than it was back in the six weeks of hell.

Her reflux was acting up this morning. You know it’s going to be a bad day when it starts out that rough. Only one more weekish to go until 4 months and I can start pretending that it’s getting better. That reminds me that I need to call the pediatrician again today to see if they refilled her prevacid prescription and I can go and pick it up. I was also thinking of maybe stopping by Burlington’s Baby Depot and taking a gander at what they have for Easter Dresses. You know, I have a gift card to Kohl — they have baby clothes right? Maybe I should go there….hm.

We also got a package in the mail yesterday. The sister/brother in law in France sent a few adorable long sleeved onsies, a cute T-shirt and some weird kind of bloomer skirt? What the heck is it? It’s rated 12 months though I wait until them to show you. There was also a small valentine’s box that announced the impending arrival of a new cousin (sister/brother in law who already have a kid) due September 1st. Wow!

I guess that works out well, by the time the baby (who I predict is a boy) will come along Morella will have grown up enough to not be interesting any more to her grandparents on the paternal side. ;)

I was thinking yesterday that I have a crapload of cousins I don’t know. And for Morella it will be the same way. Technically on my side of the family:

James had two kids — both of which I will never see.
Doug had two kids – both of which I don’t care to see.

Eh, I guess that isn’t that much. I think that Tim’s side of the family will fill the gap nicely.

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