I went to bed early last night at 9.40 but probably didn’t sleep until 10. Then I had to get up at 11.25 to pump and was in bed again by 12.30. I didn’t set the alarm this morning and I woke up at 6.20 — and went to pump. Tim got up with Morella at 7.10 and I went back to bed!

Ahh. I slept off and on with an eye mask on and ear plugs in until I finally got up at 10. At which point…Morella was still awake. Huh?! She hadn’t taken her long morning nap yet. So I rescued Tim, who had fed her again but she was still super active! I went into the bedroom, gave her medicine so I wouldn’t have to wake up her at 12, and put her down for a nap and left the room. I think because I did that it was okay for Tim to leave the room too. In about 5 minutes she was down and has been ever since.

So…I had time to pump, wash bottles and stuff, wash dishes, clean the counter, drink some coffee, catch up on the internet…and I *think* she should be asleep at least until 1:00 (three hour nap). It’s crazy to have this free time to do with what I want. The first thing that comes to mind is cleaning because bending down and cleaning is hard to do with a baby in hand.

Pluto is bugging the heck out of me. He keeps whining and waiting for Tim to come back, but he has plans all day. Sheesh. I want to throw something at him (which I do for the cats … no I don’t actually hit them! Just throw it near them to make them stop whatever annoying thing it is that they are doing). But that won’t work with Pluto. He whines. Lays his head down and then snaps it up a second later .. listening for Tim.

We ordered Chinese food last night and it’s sort of bitter. I ate it again for lunch today because … well it was there and it was still bitter. Sigh. Oh well, at least I am full now and Tim made a pot of decaf coffee before he left which is nice.

The glider is awesome. I love it. I wish I had done it sooner.

I should go and sweep and mop the kitchen floor. It’s been like two months since the last time that floor saw a mop…at least. I would also like to vacuum, but I don’t want to wake the baby with extra noise.

I feel like my days with Morella are getting better with each passing day. We have a routine now, and I sort of know what to expect from her and I am SO much more patient and calm and just happy to be with her, even when she is crying. Perhaps that comes from being more confident and getting to know each other more. She is such a light in my life.

I also asked Tim if he thought she would pass her next swallow study. He said he didn’t think so. Sigh. I guess it’s better to have low or no expectations in this sort of thing. I guess I will need to order another month supply of Simply Thick. I did start adding an extra 1/2 ounce of milk to the bottles so that when they are made it it’s 6 ounces. She has been knocking at 6 ounces for a while and since I started doing that she maybe hits them…40-50% of the time. It’s no extra formula or simply thick (so yes it’s the teeniest bit thinner…or maybe not..maybe the formula makes it a tad thicker..hm) anyway. She is drinking that down just fine. Of course she still has reflux, but it’s my hope that it isn’t causing serious damage anymore and that she has healed a bit? I guess I’ll know in two weeks. She averages at 25 ounces a day — sometimes she goes up to 27, but not really more than that.

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