Real quickly because Morella is getting sick of sitting at the computer. These pictures aren’t that awesome…but they will do. I am sure you will see more of me in the upcoming days as I get used to the new hair do and really make it my own.

Before … I thought about making this one black and white, you just like on those before and after ads that you see on TV and in magazines…but in the end decided that though that would be funny…it wouldn’t provide the best comparison shot.

After. This is me this morning after quickly brushing it…so it still has product leftover from yesterday…so…yeah. And that stupid cat just HAD to be in the picture… :P For the record, this is the shortest that my hair has ever been. Tim wasn’t quite sure about the hair cut, baby thinks it’s great as does Sigrid and the other lady at the salon. Why is that men say they like short hair but whenever you get a short cut they are sort of “eh.” I think they just like short hair on other women. :P

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