I had a case of ‘teh dumb’ this past week. I kept thinking at the same time that Morella’s 4 mo doctor appointment and barium study was this week AND that I still had plenty of time to pay the last of the month’s bills because there is still another and half in March. It also didn’t help that the calender this month had to double up the the last two days with the previous week, which screwed me up. Regardless, I was immensely relieved when I learned that her appointments are NEXT week, and what’s better, the 4 mo appointment is at 1:30 instead of 9:00. I was dreading messing up the morning nap, though I am going to have to do that for Wednesday…but two days in a week would have been too much.

I was also glad it wasn’t today because man…I felt like I had a hangover today! I had a headache, I was so tired and lethargic and blah. I made sure to try and sleep as much as I could or at least lay down when Morella did. I can’t fall asleep in 30 minutes but it was nice to just lay still and try to relax. When she went to bed tonight I went to bed with her and just got up at 11 to pump, and now write a post. Tim is snoring loud enough to wake the newly dead and I am not quite yet in rush to enter that firestorm of noise.

Morella’s bedtime has moved up to 8:00 to 8:30. It happened over the course of a week and half? But it was so fast. It’s hard to adjust when she should get her last bottle because a switch goes off in her head and one minute she is fine and the next she is extremely overtired and yelling that raw scream of “get me to bed!!! NOWWWWWWWW!” So she ate really well today but I didn’t offer her bottle until 8:00 (she had finished the previous one at 6:00) and she wanted nothing to do it with, getting changed to jammies, diaper change etc. I am thinking I am going to have to start offering her the last bottle at 7:30 to give her some time to drink from if it she wants and still be able to wisk her off to bed quickly.

On Easter yesterday at brother in law Mark’s house, Tim made Morella laugh…a bunch of times. He was putting her down for a nap and calming her down … I standing outside listening to the action when suddenly I heard a giggle…then another. Mark was there and opened the door to see Tim and Morella sitting at desk and knocking over a bottle of hair dye. She would just bust into a fit a giggles over the bottle getting knocked over and her about to do it. It was incredible! I was just amazed at how great it sounded and how much it made me laugh to see to see her laugh! It’s sort of like crack, once you hear it you want to hear more.

I tried my best to get her to do it today, but since I wasn’t feeling so hot and I don’t think she was either, we had no luck. That is until Tim came home and he got her to giggle and laugh again this time with a bottle of aftershave. Sigh. I guess I could try the knocking something trick over tomorrow. But at the moment, only Daddy and Caleb can make her laugh.

Maybe part of my problem and Morella’s was getting over Easter. It was a good time, but a lot of excitement, noise, new faces, and tons of stimulation. I have become even more aware that our house is really mellow and Tim and I are not overly excitable people. It’s good for Morella to be exposed to that so that she doens’t become too sensitive, but at the same time it’s hard for me to watch her get overstimulated. I just cringe inwardly whenever I watch her get more than 20 minutes of constant … “something” being shaken in her face. It’s best if I just distract myself and not get into hover mode. If Morella has had enough she’ll let them know (though her fussing usually means it happens MORE!).

Gah. I hope he stops snoring long enough for me to go to sleep. It’s bothering me now and I am in the living room! I just can’t stand it sometimes. Like I can’t stand hearing rubber squeak. It just hurts my brain.

There was more I going to write about, but I am still too tired and groggy to focus. I mean I feel better than I did most of today, but I could still feel better by tomorrow morning if I go to sleep. After all, I am a firm believer that the best way to avoid illness is to sleep. Might as well be preventive. I really hate getting sick too and not feeling well.

Man I am whiny tonight.

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