Morella is taking an extra long nap this afternoon. Good! The bad is I just got another headache. Boo! I have been struggling with this off and on for the past couple of days. I bet it’s the drastic weather change. I like that it’s getting warmer but I hate what it does to my head.

I have also been feeling fat and unattractive the last couple of days. I guess having a headache sure doesn’t help. I keep thinking of the things that I want:

–someone clean the kitchen complete with dishes, sweeping floor, mopping, cleaning the cabinets, throwing out all the crap we don’t use, reorganizing the shelves and food, cleaning the microwave, etc.

–Someone to cook for me.

–someone to clean the living room, vaccum, mop, beat all the rugs, dust everything, clean the possum cage, organize the books, reframe or frame pictures, rearrange the living room with a new couch

–Someone to clean the bedroom and rotate the bed, change the sheets, go through all our clothes and reassess what Fatty McFat Fat can wear, see into the future and see what she could wear if she dropped more weight, cleaned the dog kennel, went through and sorted through all the shelves and open spaces.

–The office..uh I’m not even gonna start. But for starters, move the computer stuff to the hutch desk, get rid of the L desk and put the futon in there (something we will have to do when the new couch ever comes or gets bought). File everything. Pay the bills, clean the closet and more dusting…

–Morella’s room.

–The bathroom could use a good scrubbing.

–Make my headaches go away.

–Take away twenty pounds.

–Make the cats stop fighting with each other.

–Make Pluto less whiny.

–Refinish the basement. Regrade the side of house. Fix the roof.

Etc. etc.

Tim got a little bonus with his raise today! That’s good news. We’ll use it to buy a new stroller in April. Hurray! I would have gone out on the walk with Pluto and Tim, but Morella is still sleeping and it’s SUPER windy outside. She would hate it. I did manage to get to Target today to buy some washclothes, traveling wipes, some granola bars and half off strawberry whoppers. I might have gotten more or looked around more but Morella was getting angry at being in the car seat. Unusual, I even checked to make sure she was seated right and she was… I think what happened though was one of her feet got stuck in the bottom by the bottom clip thing. There was this one kid at Target throwing a HUGE trantrum. You could hear his screams all the way across the store. I woke Morella up when we got there and she started to cry too. I hurried away from that kid as fast as I could, but it seemed like they were following us wherever we went.

I tried that trick that Laura suggested in the comments to make Morella laugh and no dice. I tried Tim’s trick and … no dice. I guess I am just not a funny person. I know, break out the violin. :P

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