Did more couch shopping today. I think we are going to wait for two weeks until Steinwaffles 7% sale ends and see what their next gig is, in the meantime we’ll see what other stock rotates through A1 Furniture. We know what we want, we have searched high and low at other places and now it’s just a waiting game. If the economy continues in the direction it’s currently going, then the sales should get better.

In the meantime, I am working on Operation Spring Clean. I still haven’t made those lits for each room, but the idea still rambles about in my head. Friday night I cleaned Koopa’s cage. Saturday I no wait, I cleaned her cage on Saturday because on Friday night Tim and I had an awesome night out thanks to the grandparents!! They were generous enough with the time to visit Morella until the wee hours of the morn which mean that we got to see a lame show at Union South and then went to see an awesome Indian (as in India) DJ at the Majestic. I dressed up people! Put on makeup even! Alert the press! The bummer thing about that is that the next day I was so tired.

Tonight after Morella went to bed at 8:00, I did the dishes, scrubbed the sink, swept AND mopped the floor. The first time in four months. There are still other things like wipe the cupboards, the walls, clean the microwave, fridge, stove, and dog dish…not to mention all the other littler projects like actually tackling inside the cupboards. But it’s a start. Maybe I’ll actually make that list tomorrow and maybe putting a list for every room up will also inspire the Manager around here to pitch in. ;) A little extra credit, you know?

I mentioned to Tim tonight that I was thinking about going back to TKD and working on finishing my black belt. Just two days a week, you know get some structured exercise with a cause. He said immediately to go for it! Wow. It was nice to get a little encouragement like that because, well I have been finding reasons to put it off. I do miss exercise though and it would be a good reason to get out of the house two days at week for an hour and half. Since Tim got the raise, it would cover half of that cost…and who knows hopefully Morella will pass her barium swallow study test this Wednesday and we won’t have to buy Simply Thick anymore.

Everyone, think good vibes for her this week and … good swallowing vibes in particular! She needs them…heck, WE need them.

Okay I should head to bed. I just finished watching more Carnivale, and Morella has an appointment with a scale and couple of needles tomorrow afternoon.

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