Morella had her 4 month and one week well check today. She weighs 12 pounds! Let’s do the math…I have mentioned how I wish I was better at math right? Anyway… on Feb. 20th she was 10.9 ounces. How many ounces are in a pound? Oh thank goodness for google calculator. Okay she so gained 1 lb and 1 ounce in 40 days so that is a little less than 1/2 an ounce a day. Hm. Oh well, the good thing is that she is gaining and it matches her growth curve of 10-12%. Height was 24.5 which is 53%.

She had her shots and didn’t give out that blood curdling cry..and she even ate a bit after that and then killed a 6 ounces bottle when we got home. I got her randitine adjusted to 23 mL but the prevacid is still staying the same at 1/2 a tablet a day. She has also graduated to a full dropper of tylenol which I gave her when we got home.

The doctor seemed to me to push solids, but it all depends on how her Wednesday barium swallow study doctor appointment goes. If she fails then solids are pretty much a given. If she passes…then I don’t know how to proceed. Solids may or may not help her reflux. Geez, the stuff she is taking is so thick and goopy that it might as well be a solid. She also said that sippy cups is something that Morella probably shouldn’t start until 6-7 months…I wonder what the speech pathologist will say to that since she was the one that planted the kernel in my head that sippy cups might be the way to go to get more fluids into her if she fails her swallow test.

I also learned that not all babies are as “wiggley” as Morella. I said “I thought all babies were like this.”

And she said “No, Morella is extra wiggley, which of course burns a lot of calories. She’s just determined to be long and lean.”

I also just made an appointment with her again for the 6 mo check up even though I was hellbent on trying out the other new pediatrician. I was especially encouraged when I saw that her last name is Seaborg. Dude, she’s BORG!!! But Star Trek nerdiness aside, I kept with the current doctor because she does know Morella’s complete history and we are getting along better with each other. Maybe it’s that we are starting to ‘understand’ one another. Maybe.

There you have it. One big appointment down, and one to go.

On a side note. I went to Panera for lunch beforehand it was crazy busy as it usually is around lunch time. I ended up sitting at one of those two-fer tables in which half was already occupied. Morella started to act up so I took her out and soon as I did the two ladies next to us and the lady I was sitting with started talking to me and Morella about babies. The one lady I was next to was a soft ball recruiter from Clarksville TN 20 minutes outside of Nashville, and she was SO nice. I had such a lovely time chatting with her. I guess it was probably as nice for her since was an out of towner and eating lunch by herself. I am almost tempted to go Panera more often to meet and talk to other people.

Oh and the pediatrician complimented me on my hair! Even though it was totally messy and bed heady with several parts sticking up. She said “Isn’t it supposed to look like that?”

Ha ha, I guess so.

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