We had a really busy evening. First of all when Tim came home and after eating dinner we woke Morella up from her long afternoon nap we voted. Man shots really make her sleepy. We carried her in the Moby and the ladies at the polling place cooed at her and gave her lots of attention. She loved it. The one weird thing about that was one old lady said to an older man “We won’t be around to see these babies grow up.”


Anyway. After that I have Morella her last bottle and she drank a good five ounces bringing her total for today up to 27.5 which is a good thing because she had been down around 24 for almost a week. Then we packed her up and went to BRU to buy a stroller. I had a coupon for 15% off which was awesome because got a stroller, a all weather cover for it and a clip on cup holder. I am SO ready for the 50+ degree weather coming our way. Aside from the coupon, the other reason I wanted a stroller was so I could focus on something other than her swallow study tomorrow.

Okay. Let’s be reasonable here. We are not going to find out of she is going to live or die. We are not going to find out if we get to keep her not. Realistically, if she fails then what happens? Nothing. Status quo — at least for now. Is now that bad? No, not really. She is happy. She is gaining. We have a system and for now that works. Of course it will change as she gets older but we can ease into that and we aren’t going to be going in blind. Well have some answers and game plan from the specialist tomorrow. So I should really just knock it off and expect the best.

That said, we are going to wake her up at 5:00AM to eat a bottle and then hopefully she will go back to sleep. She need to be hungry enough to want to eat at 9:00ish and I think 4 hours is good. I can’t imagine a morning with her starving … well she is really desperately hungry in the morning, and that is at 7:00!

The big news though, is that after BRU and her going down at 9:00, I went grocery shopping. I came back to find that she had gotten up after a little nap and was wide awake and hungry! She ended up eating another 4 ounces for a total of 31.5 ounces today! That just blows my mind. That is the most she has ever eaten! She did also take three big poops today, which is a side effect of the rotovirus immunization she had taken. Make clearing out all that space made her extra hungry. I can imagine that the Simply Thick probably constipates her to some degree.

Anyway. Bed time, we have a big morning ahead of us, and I gotta get up early.

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