I was going to make a macro of Morella eating a bottle with the words FAIL on it…but that’s too much work right now. :P

I guess praying and not praying have the same effect. Well maybe God could only do one favor at a time and hopefully he picked the request for my friend Talena to conceive at her IUI today. I would take that over this.

Things stay the same. The only difference is that this time she had delayed coughing to the aspiration, which I suppose is improvement. She goes back again in another three months. Until then, she still gets honey consistency bottles. She did say that those cheap generic bottles will fit the nipple — so I am going to look for that next time I am Target so I can increase her bottle size. She is surpassing 6 ounces every once in awhile. She can also use a sippy cup when she is old enough but only with thickened milk. She has to have the straight slit, so no spill proof for us! Though really this stuff is thick enough that it shouldn’t fall out by itself.

She can also start solids. But I think I’ll still wait until she is at least five months or showing more interest in eating. I mean, she is at an increased risk for a corn allergy with the thickener…so lets keep things status quo.

She was a happy, babbly baby who wasn’t very much hungry. Tim was right. She should have gone in a desperate starvin’ Marvin and I shouldn’t have given her food at 5:00. I thought that four hours would be plenty of time for her to be hungry but I guess it wasn’t enough to offset all the interesting things that were happening around her. Oh well, next time. Live and learn.


On another note, her babble has changed! She is adding consonants and it sounds like it’s actually some kind of language and no just her usual coo. This started two days ago. It’s sort of funny because she really gets into it. We also bought a stroller last night so that we can take full advantage of the 50+ weather! Hurray!

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