Sorry I didn’t do Friday photos…I’ll make up for it later. The day just sort of got away from me. It’s weird how the days go by so fast, then all of a sudden it’s night time and I think “Maybe I should watch a movie, or catch up on the internet, or clean or something.” Sure it would be a good time to post pictures but Tim usually has commandeered the office computer and that has the USB cable and software to fix photos. I guess I could do it know, but I don’t think I have that many awesome photos from this last week. It was just too full of doctor appointments and cranky baby from a messed up schedule. She still is in the middle of a “not eating that great” episode.

Tim’s parents watched her this evening while Tim and I headed over to attend the Wunk Sheek Powwow. I go every year, but this is the first time that Tim has in a while. I think that as long as I am in Madison it will be something I go to every year even if I end up talking to no one. The people that I know who show up are becoming less and less…but they are still there. :) I ran into an old friend tonight that I haven’t talked to in years. She gave me her card and I suggested we meet up for lunch sometime next month (she is a high powered lawyer) and she agreed! I feel like going was worth the effort in that I am trying to get out there and make new friends or strengthen old ones. i think I finally might even be up for going to one of those Mom’s with babies social activities.

It occurred to me, that because Morella is so fair that her dancing outfits are going to have to super well made. Yes, people are that judgmental. Heck, even I am — when I see a Caucasian looking person in a poorly made outfit I think … they are probably from the Wannabe tribe. Sure I am ashamed of these thoughts and try to not to judge by the cover. It’s probably that they just don’t have anyone to show them how but their heart is in the right place! Then again there are plenty of enthusiasts that don’t quite take all the effort they should before jumping in. In any case…I look forward to the challenge of making her outfits and even outfits for myself! I can’t subject my little girl to going to dance by herself without a little moral support. I mean, I don’t know that many indians that like to dance or do the powwow circuit. I would LOVE to know someone or have a buddy, but that isn’t likely to happen because…well it hasn’t happened yet.

The other thing I wanted to note, was that Tim and Morella had their first Daddy and Daughter date last Friday. I wanted to attend this meet and greet for new indian students because these events are usually so poorly attended. Sure I am not a student, faculty or staff anymore but I am alumni and I used to harp and still believe in the importance of an active community. Anyway, while I was there for only a half an hour I had Tim take Morella for a walk on State Street. You see, this stroller has been used every day since we have gotten it! He walked her up to the MadCity Crabhouse, went in and he ordered oysters and a beer while she had her bottle. He sat her on his knee while they enjoyed a special first date. Tim finally got his dream of having someone to eat oysters with on a Friday night. *sniff*

Lastly, I need to through out all of my make up and buy some new stuff. I mean I only wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick — sometimes I wear some eye shadow. The stuff I have now is over two years old (bad I know!) and wearing it for more than few hours makes my eyes feel gunky. I am really going through and doing some major spring cleaning around here and trying to get of stuff that I don’t use anymore.

Blech, I just changed my shirt into a t-shirt I found in the bedroom and it stinks! I think it was Tim’s night shirt for awhile there. Gotta go and change again.

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