Friday, went home, and hung out with Tim. Finished Riptide, watched TV and then tried to go to sleep. Got up 10 min later when a obnoxious neighbor started blaring the same two songs over and over. Finally, my other neighbor and I went over to ask him to be quiet, or turn it down, and he was MEAN! Yes, he was totally drunk, and …the gist of his message was: “It is Friday night, I went to a four year college, and you need to get a job where you don’t work on Saturday, and call the police, I don’t care.” Seem confusing? It was. I did call the police, thank you. It was very easy, and now I know next time to just call them right away. I am sure the police won’t be impressed with him going to a four year college and thereby giving him the right to play music really fucking loud. And Tim? He slept through it all.

Saturday, Tim got up at like 7 and then kept waking me up every half hour or so until I got up. Then I took a shower, and we went to the bank and best buy to get some things for his server (s), Came home, and I cleaned out the second closet in the bedroom and converted it to a craft closet (on one side, because I discovered there was a light bulb …and now I could see!!), sorted the rest of my beads and went through a big bottle of mixed bugles, separating them….put all the leather together, cleaned and vacuumed the living and dining room, framed a picture, watched some movies and then went out to Neo with a bunch of people. The DJ wasn’t that great, and we left at 1.30 got home at 2.30, because Tim was falling asleep.

Sunday. Tim was up bright early again, waking me up every two hours. I was so tired myself, and just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep….and that I did until 1.00 pm. I had remembered a time earlier, that Tim said he made I went and got some. Made some oatmeal with raisons and walnuts and settled down to sort beads some more and watch TV. OH, I forgot to mention I finally attacked a blanket that had been drenched in cat pee. A combinations of enzymes, and oxyclean, with an overnight soak does wonders.

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