Update: We saw a prime opening for Morella to eat tonight and we snatched it. Her first food ended up being squash! She ate it like a pro with no gag reflex and obvious interest. She really was ready for solids! It occurs to me that I might not have a picture because I recorded it on my camera. So I do have a probably incredibly boring first eating video I could upload. Who wants to see that though?

I also vow to never try and make breaded fried fish again. It always ends up a soggy mess. So we had a salad too and right now I am hungry again, even after eating a piece of fry bread. I should go and drink more water, try to forget about it and go to bed after I make Morella’s morning bottle and wash stuff.

I am trying to go through and use bath stuff so tonight I took a bath with sea salt that I got from Jen last year or even two years ago, with the rest of the lavender shower gel I got from Kate and Eric for my birthday. It was VERY nice, though I wish I had made the bath hotter. Ahh well. I washed my hair with Morella’s Burt Bee Shampoo bar because I wanted to see what will happen.

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