Friday Photos

Not much to offer this time around, this is what I could scrounge up off the camera. We had a great day today! We took our first trip to the Mall and Morella loved it. I ended up getting sensible, durable and comfortable shoes ordered and will pick them up next week. No more Target or cheap shoes for me, they never work out. There sure are a lot of Mom’s and babies at the mall….I have to admit though I had fun talking to one other Mom in the shoe store. There were also a lot of Mom and their Mom’s walking around with baby. For awhile there I felt sort of out of place, but then I got over it.

Today I am full of love for this little girl. She makes me so happy.

We returned the swing that only two months ago we wondered how we would live without. Tim is happy she is outgrowing this stuff and growing up and so am I, yet at the same time there is a teeny bit of *sniff* my girl is getting so big. :)

I vow to NEVER make fried breaded fish again. It always ends up like this.

This is what she looked like right before she tried her first food.

I had her practice with a spoon for about a week before we started her. I read it in a book somewhere, it seemed to work. Or maybe she was just ready.


In a bit of a food coma, about 20 minutes ago. She is wearing skull and cross bones pirate socks! I couldn’t get a clear picture though so I settled for this before my memory card was full.

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