Friday Photos: 3rd Week of April

Here is Morella getting settled down for nap after going to the Open House play date at Hilary’s. She is combo sucking her fist and tongue, as her self soothing techniques. I forgot to bring my camera to that, but Hilary got some great photos of Cullen and Morella playing together and holding hands!

“Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest…”

Look at this old disgusting stove. The back left burner hardly worked, the oven door didn’t close all the way, it had years and accumulated grease merged in with the face plate to the oven controls, and just look at it! It’s totally ugly!

Here is the new and improved stove! Notice the sleek design, the smooth edges — the cutting edge on stove fashions everywhere, complete with working features in every aspect! **

Morella’s eating sweet potatoes.

Of course she had to help me along the way. She totally prefers sweet potatoes to sweet peas any day. I have yet to see how this all washes out of her clothes. I have been pre-treating them with some concentrated detergent/water spray that I made, I wonder if that will work.

In a rare moment, Arkham and Pluto were THIS close to each other. It was made possible because Pluto was getting pets and attention from Jen and Arkham was howling at me to feed him.

**Yes, I realize the stoves look almost exactly the same. We didn’t want one of those ceramic flat top ones, and since the world of stoves has gone in that direction this was pretty much our only choice, plus we wanted it in bisque which narrowed our selections even further. Really though, we just wanted a stove that works, and it was a double bonus that the price was right too. Now a couch on the other hand…that has to be awesome.

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