This weekend was pretty good. On Saturday it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t. It was just cloudy. So I took the opportunity to go for a long walk with Morella and Pluto and ended up over at Amy’s house where we sat on her porch, drank a coke and visited. She game a box of Candy Cane Lane tea which is only sold at Christmas time and we LOVE that tea, a lamb burb cloth, and a lovely little girlie journal that I am going to use to record Morella’s nap and eating times. Yes I still keep track of that. It just helps me to know how much she had in one day so I don’t overreact when I think she is having a low eating day. Plus it helps remind me when she got up and how long the naps are so I can see trends and what not. I might like keeping track of this stuff a little too much, I was even starting to think of graphs to see over all trends…but I might hold off on that. ;)

After the walk we went to a shot clinic for greyhounds at our Vet. They had cookies and minicupcakes and some soda…all of which I had too many of. Gah, never go to these things hungry! We ran into some other greyhound people that we know, one of which is a new Mom that had her baby in the beginning of January. She mentioned that she is going to be a SAHM starting in 7 weeks because the school she works for declined her idea of jobsharing with another teacher. I offered to be an activity partner for them when summer comes. It would be nice to have another Mom to go out and explore all the child friendly activities that Madison has to offer. I am really lucky to have my friend Hilary but, you know, she has two other kids and busy schedule. Besides I don’t want to appear desperate…

I forgot to mention that on Thursday or Wednesday night I went to see the Manheim Steamrollers at the Overture Center with Laima, Ryan and Birke. It was great! It was so nice to get out midweek and listen some new agey music. I got a slice of weird crab rangoon pizza at Ian’s afterward, and while it seemed like a good idea at the time…crab pizza isn’t that good.

Saturday night ended with Tim and I playing Halo 3 online just doing the campaign story and I got some points which was later noticed by my older brother when he got online. I guess it’s something to work towards. I haven’t played video games in awhile.

Today was sunny and 70 and wonderful! I suggested that we walk to Woodman’s to pick up a few items so I could try to work on cooking more than one meal at a time so that we have more fast and ready meals later in the week or even the next day when I can’t think of anything to eat. On Saturday night I made meatloaf and bangers and mash. The meatloaf we ate today with a fruit salad, couscous, and steamed asparagus with Tim’s parents who came in town to visit with Morella while we took Pluto to the dog park.

I also got some Goo Gone that came highly recommended as a way to take the gunk off the tile floor from me using double sided tape to hold down the front entry rug. I also found some rug/carpet tape that I am going to try. I look forward to trying them both out tomorrow. But I also have to pay bills. They got away from me this month…and I hate it when that happens. I won’t be late on anything but it will be cutting it close on somethings. I am getting more and more to the point where I think about doing online payments to get it out of the way and so I won’t be late. Online payments like automatically pay things. I already do that for the car and for our savings every month.

We booked our tickets for our big vacation down South this summer. The difference between looking at the prices last month to this month is a hundred dollars! We were afraid to wait and longer to see how much more they would go up. So we are locked in. Tim’s parents already have enough frozen milk for Morella to last a week, so that is taken care of. It’s going to be hard to be away from my sweet little girl for a week, but in the end it will be good for all of us.

Oh Morella. I love her. I feel like I am living a dream come true having her in my life. She hasn’t been that great of a laugher, but on Saturday it was like a dam broke loose and suddenly she was a giggle queen! She was cracking up over almost everything but especially over an empty shampoo bottle in the bathroom that I was going to recycle. She loves to knock it over and just laugh. I was laughing so hard with her that my face hurt. She had been eating and sleeping a lot, now I know where that energy went — into developing a sense of humor.

I look forward to seeing what tomorrow holds with her and so, I will go to bed now so I am awake enough to enjoy every minute of it.

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