On Borrowed Time

Baby is still napping but since she has been napping for an hour and half I don’t think it will last much longer.

Yesterday while I was holding her after a feeding I had the foresight to jot down a few things I wanted to blog about. Okay, here we go!

  • Babies are like burrs. They sort of stick out their hands and grab onto anything that is withing range.
  • We walked to the library and Walgreens yesterday after the morning rain. Morella was asleep by the time we got to the library so I was able to peruse in peace. I got three books and two CD and when I checked out the stern librarian asked me if I wanted to renew a book. “But I returned that!” I protested.

Do you want me to go and check?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said, quite certain I had returned it. A few minutes pass and she came around the corner shaking her head.
“Well, I guess I could look around when I get home,” I offered. “Uh could you renew it just in case?”
“Yes,” she said “And you won’t get charged anymore if you are late,” and handed me my books back while pointing out the name of the book was on my book receipt.

Of course when I got home I DID find it buried under some clothes on top of Pluto’s crate. Whoops! Hilary told me later that they don’t charge fees for children’s books. Boy I hope that is the case. Maybe that is why she didn’t want me to fork over some money when I was checking my books out.

  • The last couple of days, in the afternoon and evening when Morella eats she will eat a little bit and then pull away and cry, eat a little bit more and then pull away and cry — repeat. Hilary thinks it might be a teething thing since Cullen is doing the same thing, I guess I was chalking it up to reflux flare up. In any case, I hope it goes away soon. I don’t like seeing her cry like that.
  • I had a Diet Coke Plus with vitamins and minerals. It was OK.
  • I bought some Zout stain removal/pretreater for Morella’s clothes because my own idea of pretreating them with a concentrated laundry detergent spray didn’t work. A lot of folks recommended Shout..and one person said Zout (which I thought was a misspelling at first). Why didn’t I buy the Shout? Because the Zout was one dollar MORE expensive and listed three stain fighting actions on the cover and sometimes I am a sucker for “Hey if it’s more expensive and it has all that stuff listed on the front then it must be better!” I bet the next time I get a stain pretreater then I’ll get Shout — you know so I can compare.
  • I also got some new dish soap and am looking forward to using it. It’s Honeysuckle and rain scented.

Okay, so that was yesterday. Today I have added these things:

  • Morella was fussy after her second breakfast, so I thought I would try the idea of putting her in the exersaucer while I took a shower. I dragged the plastic beast to the door and plopped her inside while I turned on the water. “Ahh this will be soothing for her!” I thought, as I got some towels and some clothes to wear. When I looked at her again after a minute she was looking up at me with red rimmed eyes (like a raccoon) and a trembling lower lip. I guess it wasn’t soothing at all! I picked her up and held her while figuring out what I was going to do. She started to mash her face against my chest and I decided I would just lay her down for a minute while I took a shower. She seemed like she needed a nap, and I would take a quick 5 minute shower. By the time I was done, she was sound asleep and has been since then — it’s now two hours!
  • I brought up some summer clothes from the basement and it’s like I went shopping! Look at all these clothing options! I forgot about most of these clothes. Tim thinks that we should have a garage sale this year…I said okay but now that I am thinking about it, I think it’s Laima’s turn to have a garage sale and I get to bring stuff over. Right Liama? Wasn’t this the deal?
  • Or maybe we should get Hilary to have the sale..
  • Morella is FIVE MONTHS old today!
  • I have been pumping for FIVE MONTHS! I deserve a medal or something.

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