Friday Photos: 4th Week of April

Today was a busy day and Morella has been shifting her nap schedule so I didn’t have much time to post today. I did however, make sure to take photos and I was able to at least edit them so I could upload them tonight so that it’s still technically Friday. This evening we all went to Glass Nickel to meet up and have dinner with Oliver and his friend who is moving to Poland in three wee
Add Imageks. She was great the whole dinner and I stuffed myself on pizza to the point of feeling sort of eh for most of the rest of the evening. I’m feeling much better now! She ended up staying to the limit of her bedtime which is 9:00 and when I put her down she feel right asleep without a peep. She was 100% minutes before that. I can’t believe how much energy she has, she is constantly on the go.

I have a lot of photos for today. Let’s start with the pictures I have been collecting over the week for Part 1, and then for Part II it’s more like Day in the Life.

Part I

Monday SUCH a beautiful day, the first of many and I woke up feeling inspired and like I had to do something noteworthy. On a whim, I decided to call my coworker Janet and see if she wanted company on her lunchtime walk. As luck would have she and my other other old coworkers were all in the office that day! It was really cool to go back and visit for them, I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since I have been there. Of course I did work there for three year and if Morella hadn’t had come along would probably still be there. It’s also strange how I don’t have time to miss it.

Here she is on Wednesday enjoying some “laying on magazine because it crinkles” time. She has this goofy face that I just had to capture. Sure she isn’t 100% typically cute, but I like that she has such different looks to her. I want to capture every single one!

Tim needed a little help reading and sorting through all those political blogs he has been reading. It’s good thing he got a little perspective on his side assisting him.

Part II:

The thunderstorms rolled in last night around 2:30AM. Tim woke me up with wide eyes and said “That was close!” It took me several seconds before I realized what he was talking about and that a raging thunderstorm had reached our fair city. I quickly looked over to check on Morella to make sure she was still sleeping. She laid there peacefully unaware of the excitement outside the window. Assured that she was okay I quickly feel back asleep. The thunderstorms continued on and off all day.

The rain was so heavy at time the gutter couldn’t take it and would just pour water everywhere. Our basement is also not handling this well and is seeping like an infected wound. We really need to get the side of the house regraded this year. Really. The dehumidifier is working overtime.

The first of several bright spots in this day was a parcel! I was pumping when the mailman arrived and fussed out of sight with the mailbox for a few minutes. I couldn’t do anything until I was done pumping and even then Morella had just woken up so I had to get her. It was after she had her lunch bottle that I was finally able to check the mail and found a box perched on top of our mailbox. Inside was this treasure. Thanks Sarah! I really enjoyed reading the letter later when Morella FINALLY took another mini-snooze (again, just enough time for me to pump and do nothing much else).

But the rain stopped for awhile. I debated…should I go for a walk or go and visit Hilary? I decided a visit was in order.

Here is Morella’s BFF just up from a nap. He wasn’t too happy to see me upon waking, but Morella’s charms worked their magic to at least make him stop crying. He’s such a shy, sensitive type. Perfect to offset Morella. :D

Here is the resident Baby Whisperer. She has a real knack for making Morella smile, and we played a game of “Get her!” in which Morella creeps behind someone and then laughs uncontrollably when the person turns around quickly to look at her.

They both had some tummy time, and I took this opportunity to flip Morella so I could take a picture of her in her French Onsie. The size is six months and the arms a bit long but the rest of it fits perfectly! I have realized that I am going to need to buy some onsie extenders. Morella is long and outgrowing the current ones but at the same time the next size up are too big on top. Extenders should solve this problem beautifully. I can’t believe she is on the end of the 3-6 month clothing now, and actually able to start wearing the 6 month stuff. I guess, she is five months now…and her head did seem to get pretty big all of a sudden.

Here she is in the full outfit. I just realized last week that sleepers are pajamas! I guess I just thought they were baby outfits. We were putting Morella in sleep sacks with just a onsie because I thought those were jammies. Now that I know these sleepers are more … uh jamming and lounge wear, I have made a concentrated effort to dress Morella up in proper clothes after getting up for the day, and especially when we leave the house.

Here I think she looks like the classic picture of a baby. Look at the size of that head! Tell me it hasn’t grown to gigantic proportions overnight.

I thought it would be fun to try and imitate the babies face…I
got Hilary to join in the fun. The result are hilarious pictures if you ask me.

After the play date and on the way home I was hoping that a bit of an extended car ride would put Morella to sleep. She really, really needed a nap. The thing is Hilary only lives about a 7 minute drive away from me, which isn’t quite enough time to put her to sleep. So, since it’s Friday, I decided to give myself a little treat. I took this picture while I was waiting for my order.

Ahh, here it is now!

What else? Cheese curds!! The battered kind, not the stupid breaded kind. Aww hot, cheesy goodness. You know it’s spring and summer when it’s curd time.

I was in luck today. I got back in time to see that Voyager was two episodes that where new to me! I was pretty happy to see that, and standing in front of the living room window looking out and holding a cranky baby is easy to do when you can listen/watch a new show.

We were doing just this, when Phil stopped by to say hello. I think it was to say hello, because honestly now that I think about it I was a bit distracted by listening to the TV. Hm. In any case, I mentioned that we might stop by this weekend for a visit. I guess we’ll see how it goes. So far we have no plans for the weekend.

Whoa, I only have seven minutes left to post before I miss my deadline!

This was ONE heck of a mega post!! I hope you enjoyed it.

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