Cloth Diapering

To answer Carla’s question — we never actually did use a diaper service. See, what happened was my friend Sarah had all these great diapers she was going to use and in the end decided it wasn’t for her. So she passed them on to my friend Hilary who doesn’t mind doing laundry and was going to give this whole cloth diapering thing a shot. She used them…and then graduated to more fancy diapers and gave me the whole bag. I was going to eventually give them back to Sarah — but in the meantime they sat right next to the diaper station. Well, Morella pees a lot in between diaper changes and I started to use them as catch clothes. Then after another week or so, I started to wonder…”why not just try it…” and so I would use one or two..and then eventually most of the day…to finally the whole day. It got a ton a easier when Carla told me to use fleece liners because then her bottom wasn’t red and the poop is easier to clean off.

Since then I discovered that washing them really isn’t that bad. I wash them about twice a week with unscented, powder detergent and then dry them. Now that it’s summer I can dry them on the line, get rid of any stains and save the environment. Eventually we decided that this wasn’t no big thing at all, and since Sarah has the size 2 diapers too…I asked her if I could borrow them and now here we are. Morella is still fitting size 1….though that might change in a month.

So, yes I would love girlie covers! Especially since it’s summer now Morella will spend a lot more time wearing just a diaper. I do have a question thought — how do you know when the rinse is running and isn’t it a pain in the ass to run downstairs and dump vinegar in there? Should I set a timer? Hm. That’s not a bad idea.

How much vinegar?

And wouldn’t putting the diapers in the dryer with a tennis ball sort of defeat the whole purpose of drying them out in the sun instead of using more electricity? Actually, I found that if I crumple them up a bit before putting them on that softens then enough. Anyway, these are just thoughts I was wondering about.

Okay, I am finished pumping and Morella is getting mighty tired of the exersaucer.

One more thing — garage sale season and a baby girl are going to be a difficult combination for me. Already today I got Morella three adorable little outfits for 3 bucks…in great condition and that was just on the morning walk. I am going to look around in Hilary’s hood this afternoon…

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