Week in Photos: Second Week of May

Crabby girl needs nap.

Thumb sucker!
The ever changing picture on the wall. I have windblown hair and the mirror is totally crooked (something I don’t normally stand for, let alone advertise) but Morella’s smile made me keep it. :)

Leta the Baby Whisperer really wanted to hold Morella. She was super good about washing her hands beforehand and so I said okay. She sat down and I put Morella on her lap. It struck me then how big Morella is getting! Incidentally she is wearing this adorable blue outfit I had gotten at a garage sale this week for only a buck! I LOVE garage sales and baby clothes.

Here they are smiling! And yes, I do believe that thumb made it’s way back into Morella’s mouth.

Hilary held Morella while I ran out to the car to get a straw for a McDonald’s iced coffee that I had gotten us. Morella is still wearing her sun hat from looking at the garage sale from across the street. I just walked us since it was such a short distance.

Here you can see that Hilary really does do it all on a regular basis. While I am out having iced coffee and perusing lost treasures, she is busting her butt to clean the house and prepare for a weekend of guests, all while holding my floppy little penguin in a sun hat.

Here I am after walk one of the day. I am beginning to think I should probably start wearing make up….after all I am past 30. *sigh*

Then again, I think I looked better than Morella did after the walk.


Morella had a rough day today in which she did NOT want to nap. When she doesn’t nap like that it makes it super hard for me pump….tonight after she didn’t go down for 45 minutes we finally gave her some tylenol hoping that would help whatever was wrong with her. We both held her afterward and she was so content to just sit with us and not make a peep. I felt so bad for her! When Tim finally put her down after a yawn AND an eye rub we heard not a sound. Tomorrow she has a big day, two birthday parties, a trip out of town and over the the river and through the wood to her Grandmother’s house we go.

I noticed tonight that when I was holding her and waiting for the medicine to kick in that she was looking at me. Like…at me and really studying my face. She doesn’t do that often and when she does it makes me go week in the knees. Does she know how much I love her? I hope so.

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