Whatever it is, I like it! Morella doesn’t take a long nap in the morning anymore — just a short 30-45 minute one. Which means she is up from 9.30 to … about 1:00 when she goes down it’s for 3 hours! Okay, well it has definitely been three hours yesterday and today which is awesome because I can pump, and get some chores done around the house. Today I got the dishes done and mostly put a way (there was alot), I swept the floor, washed a rug, put all the diapers away, took a shower, got dressed, talk to my Mom — my younger brother Josh had to go to the hospital today. I suspect he has a severe lung infection…but he needs more tests, and look now I am posting and catching up with my internets. It’s great!

Can you imagine would it be like if she were to take a three hour nap in the afternoon consistently? The stuff I would get done?

There is a bit of cost to this though, she has been waking up at 5:30 every morning, but we let her amuse herself until after six, then she eats like a rabid baby.

I am now on the lookout for that crib. I realized last night that I might have a harder time with this than Morella. I LIKE having her next to me within reach to see if she okay. I suggested to Tim that we just put the crib where the cosleeper is right now but he thinks she should go into her room. He’s right you know. She should get used to sleeping in her own room, and she should do the the whole crib/room transition at the same time. How do you do it though?

I mean, put her in the room when it’s bedtime and shut the door and that’s it? We have monitors…but if I wear ear plugs then what good is that? Admittedly, what good is having her next to me when I am wearing them … but I like to imagine that I would have a 6th sense if anything is amiss IF she were right next to me. The reality is that is just fantasy. Sigh. So do I use the monitor until I am more at ease that she is okay? Do people still do that after they are six months old? I just don’t know… I can’t believe that almost six months have passed already and she is ready to be in her own room. I remember the first day we put our little burrito to bed in the cosleeper, and now…*sniff*

Do people open the room door when they go to bed? Should I still use a nightlight? Won’t she be lonely?!

Yesterday after getting her prescription refilled we stopped at Woodman’s for a few things I needed for dinner (that sucked by the way! I hate poorly written directions that take forever for a subpar meal). I didn’t bring the Moby with me and she’s too active now to stand staying in the carseat, which leaves me to carry. So I carried her in and … on a whim decided to try the cart seat. I mean she has been sitting indepently a for a little bit at a time this week, and I propped my coat around her and she held onto the bars.

She had the biggest grin ever. I would look at her and she would just smile at me and look around happy as the happiest clam that ever lived. I told Tim it looked like she was extremely proud of herself but he said babies don’t have pride. Maybe. I think she sat up a little straighter and smiled a little harder when I gushed about what a strong sitting girl she was. She did get tired near the end and started to slump and I carried her then. But she did so well…!


I had one more thing I was going to say but I forgot what it was. So I’ll tell you that we finally saw I Am Legend last night and was disappointed. There was SO much that movie had to offer and yet even Will Smith couldn’t save it. :( We also saw The Mist the other night and that was actually better…

Oh I hear bells tingling from the bedroom. My sweetheart is awake!

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