Weekend was good. Friday we ordered in Domino’s and watched Battlestar Gallatica and actually enjoyed an episode where stuff happened (unlike the last couple of shows).

Saturday Morella and I went garage sailing while Tim slept in. I filled up the gas tank for the second time ever and actually succeeded! I got Morella more books, a stainless six shooter muffin pan to replace the icky Teflon one that I have (when Pam with Flour exists, you don’t need Teflon), and I got an adorable big sleeping teddies cross-stitch project that I am working on for Morella’s room. It’s a big project — the biggest cross-stitch I’ll have attempted…but I have learned from my mistakes and started it last night. It’s coming along well…now I’m gonna be looking for time for work on it. It can be an heirloom — :)

Sunday Morella was crabby and my day to sleep in. Tim took her on a morning walk and then later on we all went to the Dog Park. It was windy and Tim and I weren’t that into it. We left after two laps — because Pluto wasn’t into it either. It was the walk in the morning that destroyed his energy. We blamed our lack of energy on our hippy lunch of (burning) Nettle Soup and Burdock root chips.

Yeah, we ate that.

Okay, gotta get the bottles started for the day and eat some oatmeal and an egg maybe. I’m hungry! And breastfast is a meal that you can pig out on…right?

Oh and my brother has pneumonia. The flu and pneumonia are two different things right? The flu is a super bad cold…and it cause pneumonia in the chest? I was thinking about that too late last night.

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