Friday Photos: 4th Week of May


Every year Madison holds the biggest brat festival in the nation — and every year thousands of innocent bratwurst are consumed in a four day festival an an ongoing quest to break it’s on record. We were no exception. Morella and I headed downtown to meet up with Tim and his coworkers for a couple brats, some loud music and friendly conversation.

Like pigs at a trough….

We all clamored for condiments — pretty garments to dress up our sausage.

All dressed up.

Three sausages smiling for the camera — say “Brats!”

“Baby want a brat?”

Yes, apparently we need shuttles to ferry us from the parking lot (a mere 200 feet) from the festival. It’s ridiculous I know, but there is such a thing as brat overload you know.

Fairy in the Playground

Breakfast with Kathleen

Kathleen came back to Madison for a brief visit. We met up with her for breakfast this morning at Monty’s Blue Plate. It was Morella’s first time in a restaurant high chair! She lasted a long time before getting tuckered out and needed to sit on my lap and try to grab everything that came near her. Incidentally, we are visiting Kathleen in Baton Rouge for our vacation this summer. I am desperating trying to convince myself that the end of July really won’t be THAT hot in the deep south…it’ll be fun! Right?

This photo just cracks me up. I don’t think I need to say more.

Sorry it was late, but it was one heck of a busy day, and I have an even busier weekend coming up. I am SO not prepared for it.

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