Uh oh — I think Morella is getting a cold. She was up six times last night — I thought it was because she is obsessively rolling over, and you know they say that babies will compulsively do things over and over, but today while we were dropping off Pluto I saw a river of snot coming out of her nose. I thought it might have been a dog allergy, however Tim pointed out that she has been around plenty of dogs with no reaction and that he has seen the snot this morning in her meltdown.

Why does her first cold have to coincide with a big out of town trip?

I guess I need to remember to bring the tylenol. :( And nose suction thing — she is not a fan of that! Actually neither is Tim. Every time I pull it out he says something to the effect “Aww, why do you gotta ruin a good thing?” Sheesh. I should be praised for attacking the slimey boogers. PRAISED!

So, as of right now I have nothing packed. We need to stop at Target to buy some disposable diapers, a playard sheet for the pack n play and batteries for the pump. I need to try and call my younger brother James since he never responded to my facebook message about hosting a visit at his place. I need to pack clothes for all of us, a box of stuff for my friend Jessie and my Mom. Wash pumping stuff and bottles, figure out how to transport the simply thick (we use big dispenser bottles now) — sigh so much to do. I guess I should get off the computer and do some of it. At least I got a stress free pumping session in. That’s always nice.

Oh one more thing — we learned a new technique to make Morella laugh uncontrollably that requires a little girl doing pratfalls, and another baby to mirror her movements. I couldn’t believe how much she was laughing and having a good time. I can’t wait to try it out with Morella’s boyfriend Cullen next week.

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