In one word – sick.

Morella didn’t have allergies…it was a cold a cold that spread to both me and Tim. In fact, Tim stayed home today and pretty much slept all day. Morella spent most of today having her nose suctioned out and sleeping. Last night was rough because she woke up screaming and inconsolable. We brought her out, tried to offer a bottle since she had only four bottles (same again today), but she didn’t want anything to do with it. Finally, I put her on the glider ottoman and she started rocking herself and eventually fell asleep doing it. I tried to put her to bed again and she cried — finally we decided it was time for some tylenol and after that she slept through the night.

Anyway, I have a sore throat and headache and overall tiredness. Morella slept a TON today which was nice. I hope she is on her way to feeling better tomorrow. The snot has started to turn a different color and thickening up today, which I always take a sign that she’s turned a corner. I’m glad that I bought Vick’s baby rub last Saturday on our way out of town ‘just in case.’ Tonight in particular, she called down and was relaxed as I gobbed the stuff on her chest and back. Tim said that he felt soothed by the stuff when he was a kid. I always felt like yucky stuff was being gobbed all over me. Maybe that is because my Mom always did it — and that was right in the beginning of my bronchitis that turned to asthma years.

I should go to bed now. I took a nap when she crashed but had to get up to pump.

I guess going six months before the first cold was pretty good right?

This weekend was good. I’ll write more later, but Morella was able to finally meet my side of the family and good times were had by all. We also were able to squeeze in a visit to my old grade school chum and see her new baby, kids and donkey. In fact, I think she really liked everyone!

Oh and guess what tomorrow holds? The six month checkup and shots. :( Why does she go on these eating strikes right before doctor appointments?! It’s not fair. And shots…great. Just great.

I also decided that we are going to use bumpers for the crib. Morella is so active that she gets a arm or leg stuck in the slats within minutes of me putting her in there. The smart thing would be for me to find a pattern online and figure out how to sew these things myself. The realistic part of me says to look someplace to buy them because really, when am I going to do this? Have you seen this house? It’s a freaking disaster and it’s really starting to depress me.

Go to bed Laura. You are just doing the classic sick babble when everything is dark just like before dawn.

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