Friday Photos: 5th Week of May

Almost every Memorial Day weekend we travel up North to visit family. It’s sort of a family tradition to do that for Memorial day and Labor Day weekend. We bbq, go to the powwow, visit, burn some wood, pick ticks off of us, relax and catch up. It was the first time that Morella was able to meet my Dad and his wife, my Mom, Stepdad, and brothers. We also made time to stop over and visit my friend Jessie. Overall it was a whirlwind weekend — and our little trooper made it through great even though she had her first cold. :(

Click here to see the complete set of Memorial Day pictures.

Morella and her Choka

Me, Morella and her maternal Grandmother

Morella rides Buster the Donkey with no hands! (Notice two heads aren’t in the photo…whoops!)

One my favorite Morella faces

Me, Emmalyne, Jess and Morella
Jess is my old grade school chum whom I met on the first day of 5th grade at a new school (for me). She was kind enough to let me sit by her on the bus — enthusiastic about it even!
Morella and her Degas Shane and Andrew

“Talk to me Dega. Tell me. It’s okay…you can tell me.”

Morella was just fascinated by her Dega Andrew and would stare at him intensely. When she got him to look at her she would reach out in all seriousness to get him to…I don’t know. Talk.

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