It was a busy weekend. On Saturday, Morella and I went garage sailing and I found some nice bumpers for her crib for a buck. A BUCK! Now I don’t don’t have to worry about her banging her head on the slats when she flips….this week is when I should start in earnest about this taking naps in the crib business. The thing is when I put her down she plays….and plays….and plays…

Oh she has been quacking like a duck all week (aka laughing). It’s hilarious.

I also managed to finally clean the house on Saturday. Oh it’s amazing how much better I feel about the place once everything was clean. Morella is terrified of the vacuum. When I was vacuuming Tim had to take her outside. Then they came back in and spent some time with the vacuuming running and he touched it, smiled it and tried to prove that it was okay. She even patted it once or twice and then started bawling again. When I was done and she came back in from outside again, she was fine…until I stood next to the vacuum while holding her. She looked at it and started crying even though it wasn’t turned on! Dang.

I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t have wall to wall carpeting….I can get away with not vacuuming every other day.

Saturday night Tim’s parents came into town and graciously baby sat Morella while we went to a friends wedding. It was a good time and I had lots of spotted cow beer …that I regretted a teeny bit today only because I was tired and we didn’t get to sleep in.

Instead of sleeping in we got up and headed to Milwaukee to attend Tim’s Mom’s farewell potluck at the school she …used to teach at. Or will still be teaching for at least three more days. She taught there for 17 years! Wow.

I love lutheran potlucks. Those people know how to cook! Though, there was one dish…a tuna pineapple and chow mein noodles that made me gag. WHY would someone think of that combo?

Oh this is all over the place. After we came back, we went to the dog park and then BIL Phil and his stepson Caleb came over to talk games with Tim while I made a huge cold macaroni and tuna salad for the week. My Dad gave us a chunk of government cheese so I put it to good use. It’s also sort of funny because I used government macaroni too….this meal brought to you by the USDA.

Too tired to make sense…going to bed.

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