Operation Crib Transition: Midafternoon Nap


She was tired starting at 10:30AM. It took me three hours, a shower, getting her up, running an errand and a bottle that she fell asleep eating — and whenever she does that there is a 90% chance that I will get barfed on…and she didn’t let me down. It came up with the burp and man, it was almost projectile! Eww.

Finally after she completely melted down, and I interrupted pumping twice to calm her, I gave in and put her back in the cosleeper where she fussed for a minute and then went to sleep. I had the front door open and was standing in the hallway with a mess of a baby when I realized the mail man had come. I bet he was thinking “Thank god I’m not doing THAT!” Sheesh.

I called Tim and gave him a progress report and he said “We should try again tonight.” Yikes. I tell you, it’s so easy for him to cubicle parent when he’s not there…but he’ll be there tonight! I was looking at some online hints and there are so many advice articles on how it should be done. Do we let her cry it out? Reassure her? Pick her up every time she cries? Pat the back? I tried the sitting next to her and reassuring her with my Motherly presence. All that got me was immediate flips to her back and furious kicking followed by a pause and check to see if I was looking (I would alternate between not looking and looking and pretending I was asleep) and she would smile and repeat. I tried picking her up and all that seems to do is give her a second wind.

Don’t worry readers, I’ll keep you apprised of every gory detail. Or should I say barfy detail?

In other news, I am making a rhubarb crisp. It’s in the oven now…crisping.

I am also feeling chubbtastic these days and out of shape. It’s been awhile since we have taken a walk every day due to traveling, sick baby and crappy weather. But all that aside, I feel like I lost all my flexibility and strength that I had pre-pregnancy. I should start small, 10 minutes of stretching. Just need to work that back into the daily routine.

Solids have been going not very well. Morella has this aversion to spoons or anything being put into her mouth. I blame it on the four times a day medicine rituals that she dealt with. Even though now it’s down to two times a day with a syringe. The prevacid we just pop into her mouth and let it dissolve — SO much easier. Now that she has a little independence and bigger brain cells I think she realized that she can prevent it all from happening if she just clamps her mouth shut. I took the pediatrician’s advice and switched to finger feeding her after a few attempts with the spoon. It worked a little better, but as soon as she starts to get mad I stop. I tried repeating her Grandmother’s approach of mixing oatmeal cereal with pears but it didn’t work so well. I don’t know how she manages to feed Morella so well! I think I need to have her over for a instructional how-to.

Ahh babies.

It’s hard to believe that she is six months now. In some ways it seems like it has gone by so fast, but really, it started going by fast only after it got nicer outside. Before the snow melted (aka the first four months) it felt like an eternity. I think it’s also different because now she is changing exponentially every day. Learning new things, becoming independent and developing quite the personality. Her favorite toy right now is a small pink kitten that she got from her Aunt Kandance.

Up on the radar for this week is attending the Eastside MOMS club to try and meet other Mom’s and babies. That is this Thursday at 10:00. I also need to get my bangs trimmed because I can’t stand having hair in my eyes. It’s been difficult to resist cutting them myself instead of taking up my friends offer of doing it for me. Sigrid is the one who cut my hair to begin with…and she’s a lot better at it then I am! Friday is Hilary’s birthday shindig. I asked Phil or Kandance if they would be able to babysit so we could both go out but I’m not holding my breath. At least I will go out and have a good time. On Wednesday, Morella and I are having lunch with an college peep I am reconnecting with. She just found out she is pregnant is due in December. Babies all over the place!

I would also like to go to the zoo sometime this week. Morella has never been to zoo…OR Olbrich Gardens. Granted I don’t think she would have gotten much out of it before now, but now that she is aware of her surrounding and likes to go .. we need to do. I should ask Marnie if she wants to do that sometime this week. Yeah.

Well, her nap is almost done and I want to see if I can squeeze in some formatting for my obsessive journal taking entries about Morella’s food intake and sleeping patterns. I tinker with the idea of making a graph with all this information…but then conclude that I am already neurotic enough about this. That would just be proof of it.

I also want to get to work on ordering some baby photos prints…I don’t have ANY that weren’t professionally done (aka two).

We started watching Dexter on netflix and LOVE it! It’s nice to have a show to watch at night before bed. Makes pumping and cross stitching more relaxing.

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